How to legalize the garage?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
April 4, 2013
How to legalize the garage?

Sometimes the owners of cars, appreciating the convenience of the territory, build garages on land that does not belong to them, or in areas that are not intended for this. And after that, they begin to think about how to legitimize the built garage. Today, Article 222 of the Civil Code of Russia provides that such buildings can be registered as an auto-construction. But for this you should prepare a package of documents.

We legalize the garage

First of all, you should deal with the design of the required documentation for the garage, but only in hindsight. The package of documents includes the initial permit, an act of the State Commission, a building permit and some others, but they must be obtained as if the garage had not yet been erected. To do this, you should write to the Commission for the suppression of unauthorized construction a statement where you need to ask about the possibility to save the building. With a positive decision, you should issue a building permit and the necessary documents for putting the garage into operation.

Appeal to court

If you are unlucky, and the decision was not in your favor, and you do not know how to legitimize an unauthorized garage, then you can file a claim for legalizing the garage and recognizing the right of ownership to the court. The application will need to attach documents confirming the fact that you erected the structure. This may be a contract for execution, invoices, an act of acceptance of work, and so on. You will also need to take an extract - confirmation in the EGRPNIS that someone else is not entitled to this garage. Apart from this, you will need to prepare documents that technically describe the building with its address. For which you should take an extract from EGROGD. You will need to contact the department of technical inventory of real estate. You should also collect documents confirming the compliance of the garage with fire, technical, environmental, sanitary and epidemiological standards, all these certificates can be taken in the relevant instances. After that, you need to prepare title documents for the land on which the garage was erected. If this site is not your property, before legitimizing the building, you must confirm that this land will be transferred to you in the near future.To do this, you will need to receive a letter from the state body that has the right to dispose of it or a draft permit for the provision of this site for the operation of the building.


In addition to the above methods, you can legitimize the garage by preparing a declaration, which will confirm the fact of its construction. It can be obtained from the registration authority. In the declaration you need to enter the address of the building, the type for which purpose it will be used, the year and area of ​​the building, the cadastral number of the land plot, the materials used for the bearing walls and so on. Now you know how to legalize a garage, and you can save its property.

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