How to listen to music for free?

Thanks to special online music resources, you can listen to songs online for free. At such sites, everyone will find a song to their liking, since their range is very wide. This option is much more convenient than downloading mp3 files to a computer, because not all of them are freely available. In addition, you need to store music somewhere, and when it accumulates too much on a computer, then finding a song is quite difficult.

What domestic resources to listen to music?

The most convenient service for listening to music online is considered. This site has collected a huge number of songs. For the most part, this is the work of foreign artists, but sometimes you can hear domestic material. All music on the site is divided by genre, year, performers. In fact, is a store where you can buy your favorite music. However, anyone has the opportunity to listen to it completely free of charge, moreover, the service allows you to store your favorite records in your personal audio library, as well as share them on social networks. To gain access will need to be registered.

Another worthy service for listening to music is. In fact, this is a search engine where you can not only listen to songs, but also create your own playlists. But for this you need to register. Unregistered users can simply enjoy the compositions online.

Since you can not listen to music for free in real time on all resources, this will be a real boon for music lovers. Many people will like the “I'm lucky” mode; moreover, most listeners will discover something new. The site has a convenient interface and quick search.

Thanks to the Yandex Music service you can enjoy many songs for free. The songs presented on this resource are legal, you can even download them to your collection.

Foreign free music resources

How to listen to free music of foreign artists? You can look at the resource. It is available to users from more than twenty countries. Spotify is a popular platform for free listening to music online. This service allows you to search for albums, individual songs, artists. However, to use the resource will need to download special software.

The resource is a unique hybrid of streaming online radio and individual tracks.Thus, the user can enjoy compositions from albums, no software download is required. Listening to songs is done on the website.

Thanks to the user will get access to many online radio stations. This service allows you to listen to your favorite music and at the same time looking for similar artists. He also sorts musical preferences by groups, styles and singers. is launched directly in the browser, but it is possible to download the player with some additional functions on your PC.

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