How to lose weight: apple diet for 3 days

Apples - a storehouse of vitamins and nutrients. Fiber, fruit acids, potassium and minerals have a huge impact on the body and provide tremendous support in the fight against obesity. Rosy and juicy fruits remove slags and normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract, accelerate metabolic processes, which is an important point for anydiets. Apple is considered a low-calorie product that nourishes the necessary nutrients and blocks the feeling of hunger, which is very important. The peel contains the most vitamins, so it is recommended to eat the whole fruit, with the skin. Even women in position may stickapple diet: With a sharp increase in weight, doctors prescribe easy discharge days for pregnant women.Applesin this case - the perfect option. But, do not forget that apple juice contains a large amount of acids and may adversely affect people suffering from stomach disease.

Fast 3 day diet

For three days you can lose weight by 3 kg.But remember, quickly dropped kilograms also tend to return quickly, so these diets are suitable for girls who need to throw a couple of kilos up to an important event in life, for example, to a wedding.

What is required:

First day:

  • Morning: 1 red or green apple, black bread - 1 piece, a tablespoon of low fat cottage cheese. The second breakfast: diet bread, apple;
  • 13:00: fish salad, salt is not necessary; (the salad should consist of fish, apple slices, yogurt, celery, mandarin and sour cream);
  • 15:00: small-grain cottage cheese, an apple;
  • 8:00 pm: bread, 2 cheese plates and apple slices.

Second day:

  • Raisin 1 tbsp. l., oatmeal flakes 30 g, grated apple, some milk. Second breakfast: 1 apple;
  • 13:00: one pancake. (1 egg, 30 g flour, 6 tbsp. L. Of milk)
  • 15:00: yogurt, half an apple;
  • 20:00: 100 grams of rice, half a banana, grated apple gruel.

The third day:

  • Breakfast: cottage cheese and bread. The second breakfast: apple juice 50 g mixed with low-fat kefir 150 g;
  • 13:00: apple sauce with bell pepper, 100 g of boiled chicken meat;
  • 15:00: 1 apple;
  • 8:00 pm: nutritious salad of cheese, carrots, apples and dried apricots.

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