How to make a fairy costume

How to make a fairy costumeEvery little girl dreams of a magical image on a children's matinee. And when the holidays are on the nose, mothers plunge into thinking about what kind of outfit to come up with to their child.


You can make an outfit for the child yourself and then it will be truly original. A carnival costume with fairy wings is a wonderful image for a girl, and you can do it yourself with little effort, quickly, and even without using a sewing machine.


Dress for fairies


First you need to choose the basis for the magical image - a beautiful dress. Every little princess in the wardrobe has it. It is better if the dress is bright and lush, perhaps decorated with flowers or sparkles. Just for the costume, you need to make a magic wand and a small crown, without which none of the fairies can do.


For the manufacture of wings and accessories for fairies, we offer you a step-by-step instruction with illustrations.


1. First you need to make a magic wand and crown.

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