How to make a gift on March 8?

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How to make a gift on March 8?

The best gift on March 8, of course, a bouquet of flowers. But fresh flowers will quickly fade, so if you want to please your mother, grandmother or girlfriend with an unusual gift made with your own hands, which will remind her about the last holiday for a long time, try to make a topiary - a �tree of happiness� from paper flowers.

How to make a gift to mom on March 8

To make such an original gift you will need:

  • ball for its basics. It can be a children's ball with a diameter of 15 - 20 cm, as long as it is hard and does not deflate when piercing. The best choice is a plastic ball or a ball filled inside with porous rubber;
  • A crepe paper of three delicate, �spring� colors, such as lilac, blue and yellow. Such paper in the form of rolls is sold in many stationery stores. Buy one roll of each color;
  • sheet of thin white cardboard;
  • scissors - usual and figured "Zigzag";
  • glue gun. If you don�t have it, you can do with Moment glue;gift for March 8
  • pot for flowers of small size, plastic or clay - it does not matter;
  • gypsum - it will take a little, it is needed to fill the pot;
  • smooth round wooden stick 40-50 cm long;
  • thick threads and needle;
  • polka dot cloth, two meters wide satin ribbon, suitable for fabric color;
  • several large pearl-like beads, a small multi-colored butterfly made of plastic or cardboard, a ladybug or something similar, suitable for decorating a tree.

How to make a gift on March 8: instruction

  1. In the ball, make a hole slightly smaller than the diameter of the stick. Grease the end of the stick with glue and force it into the hole. The ball should fit tightly on it. If the ball is empty inside, for better attachment it is possible to push pieces of foam rubber through the hole beforehand and compact them tightly. The basis of the future tree is ready.
  2. Cut cardboard into penny-sized circles. They will need about 60 pieces. If this is not enough, then they can be for March 8
  3. Take a roll of paper, bend a strip six centimeters wide, then repeat this procedure 7 - 8 more times.As a result, you will have a strip 50 cm long (this is a roll width) and 6 cm wide, consisting of 8 to 9 layers of crepe paper. Cut the excess paper.
  4. On a strip of paper close to each other with a pencil, draw ten circles with a diameter of five centimeters, selecting a suitable template for drawing, for example, a lid from a jar.
  5. Put a drop of glue in the center of each drawn circle and place a small circle of white cardboard on it.
  6. When the circles are glued, insert a needle with a thread in them, pierce all the layers of crepe paper, again inject the needle from the back side a short distance from the first puncture and bring it to the front. Tie the ends of the thread tightly and cut them. This whole process resembles the work of sewing buttons with two holes.
  7. Cut blanks on the drawn lines curly scissors. You will get flowers, consisting of nine layers of paper, fastened in the center of a thread.
  8. Give the flowers a volume - alternately lift the layers up, slightly twisting and squeezing them. Fan the entire structure with your fingers. The first ten paper flowers are ready.
  9. Repeat this whole process with paper of other colors.In total, you should make twenty flowers of each for March 8
  10. Fix the edge of the satin ribbon at the very ball at an angle with the glue, tightly wrap it with a stick, cut off the excess tape, glue the other end well to the stick.
  11. Take a glue gun (or a tube of glue), put a drop of glue on the white circle at the base of each flower and alternately, walking in a spiral starting from the top, glue the flowers to the ball. They should be glued close to each other, so that the base does not shine through. It is not necessary to strictly alternate flowers by color - the chaotic arrangement of color spots looks even more interesting.
  12. If the harvested colors are not enough for the whole ball, finish the missing ones and complete the work.
  13. The gift for March 8, made by hand, is almost ready. Now you need to glue over the pot with a cloth, wrapping its ends deep inside the pot, place the topiary in it in the center and pour the pot almost to the top with plaster solution. Here you will need an assistant who will hold the trunk of the tree until the plaster grabs. Until the plaster has hardened completely, its surface should be decorated with small pebbles or glass for the aquarium.
  14. After that, it will be necessary only to tie the pot with a satin bow and glue to attach beads and butterflies to the tree.

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