How to make a kitchen cache

I recently visited a souvenir shop where a seemingly useless thing caught my attention — a can of peanut butter, empty inside. I did not understand the essence of this souvenir, but an idea came to my mind how to make a little secret in which you could store small valuables or a money stash.
How to make a cache in the kitchen
I took the idea from the souvenir I saw: there must be emptiness in the jar inside. Only instead of peanut butter I decided to use corn grains. My logic is simple: the thieves will see peanut butter and may want to try it, and then there is a nest egg. A bank of corn certainly will not attract attention. You can also take any other product: buckwheat or peas.

What you need for this

Materials needed:
  • Empty bottle from - under water.
  • A liter jar with a neck under a screw cap.
  • Marker and scissors.
  • Bulk product to fill free space.

How to: step by step instructions for making a cache in a bank

Having collected all the necessary components, I proceeded as follows: / u> 1. I removed the sticker from the bottle and dried the container well. By the way, the bank should also be dry.y
How to make a cache in the kitchen
2. In the jar put the bottle bottom down. 3. At the very edge of the throat, the cans drew a line on the bottle and cut it with scissors at this point.
How to make a cache in the kitchen
After that, it remains to fill the internal space between the can wall and the bottle. It turned out to be easy to do: a plastic bottle is folded back and even large grains can be easily poured.
How to make a cache in the kitchen
I fell asleep all the space, I shook the jar a little, after which it was required to be poured more, as the large grains were well tampered. This turned out to be a bank with a secret that completely inconspicuous in the kitchen. It can store valuable ornaments, keys or money.

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