How to make an investment project in 2018

Write the tasks that are providedprojectohm, for example: the creation of food production of confectionery products, the reconstruction of the production premises, the purchase, adjustment and installation of equipment, the start of production, the training of personnel and the marketing of products.
Record how funding will be madeprojectand in what amount.
Describe the duration of the preparatory phase, for example: 1 month. Consider the composition of the required work and expenses incurred at this stage. This may include the following costs: rental of industrial premises, the development of a workerprojecta shop or department, obtaining the necessary permission. Then calculate the sum of all costs that will be made at the preparatory stage of the investmentprojecta.
Write down the objectives of the investment stage, specify also their duration.Calculate the costs incurred at this stage.
Prepare and conduct mastering production. Determine the costs incurred in performing this step. They may consist of the purchase of additional raw materials, as well as the formation of working capital for current production. At the same time, investments in working capital will cover the costs of purchasing and maintaining stocks of raw materials. Investments that are included in the fixed capital may include: expenses for the purchase and installation of the necessary equipment, costs for the reconstruction of industrial premises.
Calculate the production program of the enterprise. For example, this company is planning to place an active advertisement for its products, the company's management wants to have its own brand. Calculate the necessary costs of advertising and further promotion of products. Maybe you plan to hold a tasting or action - all this is very detailed.
Calculate the planned revenue from the sale of goods within the period of the investmentprojecta. For example, if you makeprojectfor 3 years, then calculate the planned profit separately for each year.
Calculate the amount of production costs that are necessary for the implementation of this investmentprojecta.

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