How to make childbirth painless

In the course of labor, spasmolytics and non-narcotic analgesics are usually used to help reduce pain during the cervical dilatation. They are quite effective and harmless to the child, but completely anesthetizechildbirthusing them is almost impossible.
If you are afraid of pain or do not tolerate it (some people lose consciousness from pain, which is extremely undesirable at birth), ask obstetricians to give you an epidural. This is the most common method of pain relief, which causes a loss of sensation below the belt. The dosage of drugs you will appoint a doctor. There are certain contraindications to this type of anesthesia, so start preparing yourself in advance for self-relieving methods without the use of medications.
The easiest way to prepare yourself in advance for the upcoming delivery. Well helps relaxation technique. Sign up for special courses for expectant mothers, they will surely tell you how best to relax during the birth process.In addition, read more specialized literature, where each step is described in detail.
Breathe in childbirth properly. To do this, inhale as rarely as possible with a short inhalation, and exhale for a long time. Breathe in this way at the time of the onset of contractions, in between them you can breathe normally. If you train your breath for several months before giving birth, you may not breathe at all during a contraction - this greatly reduces pain. Sing songs during severe pains, but so that you do not have to inhale often. Do not shout, so you not only worsen your health, but also deliver trouble to the medical staff.
If you give birth with your husband, ask him to give you a massage in the area of ​​the buttocks, the sacrum and thighs - this will significantly reduce pain and help you relax.

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