How to make hair shiny?

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In the appearance of man, curls and curls play a primary role. Would you like them to shine with healthy brilliance and enchant you and those around you? Then watch for the care and nutrition, as the health of the hair shows their brilliance.

To curls and curls do not become dull, eat a sufficient amount of protein foods. Defective sleep and stressful situations, insufficient exposure to air, and the external environment with high or low temperatures adversely affect hair. The use of hair dryers, irons, dehydrate hair and deprive them of shine. Drugs and smoking can also cause a loss of silkiness in curls and curls. If your hair has lost its former glow, you can return its freshness with the help of balanced food, care and homemade masks.

Proper nutrition

A daily diet with a healthy lifestyle will provide and return shine to curls. Foods with healthy fats, natural proteins of animal origin, minerals and vitamins included in the menu will have a beneficial effect on the body and the structure of the hair.Vitamins (E and B) with trace elements (calcium, magnesium, zinc, silicon) will turn your hair into charming curls and romantic curls.

How to make hair shiny?

Remove unwanted and harmful products from the diet and cook your own food from fresh products. If the hair does not shine, then they first of all do not have enough proteins. So, what products affect the beauty and shine of the hair positively? We list them:

chicken and turkey meat (a lot of protein);
bran bread (lots of biotin and panthenol);
sprouted wheat grains;
chicken and quail eggs (protein, vitamin B12, biotin);
fish (many minerals and proteins);
vegetable oils;
bananas (a lot of biotin, silicon);
avocados, nuts (a lot of biotin, minerals, antioxidants), seeds;
dairy products;
products with vitamin A: sea buckthorn, carrots, red rowan, spinach, sweet red pepper, pork, beef and cod liver.
vegetables fruits
pure water;
Herb tea.

Therefore, make in the diet of legumes, oatmeal, eggs, poultry, banana, sesame, avocado. Make from them interesting and tasty dishes.

Products that negatively affect hair shine

Improper nutrition will turn your hair into dull, thin and faded.What kind of products should not be abused? We list them:

sugar (in large quantities);
salt (in large quantities);
carbonated drinks;
fast foods, convenience foods;
chocolate, coffee, tea;
fatty dairy products.

Home masks for shine hair

To make hair shine, women use nutritious masks from egg yolks, olive oil, dairy products, green tea. Radiance curls and ringlets will add and mask from mayonnaise, cloves of garlic, olive oil. Kefir, yogurt can also give shine to hair. They are applied for half an hour before washing, covered with a film and insulated, then they shampoo the head with shampoo. So, imagine a few masks that positively affect the condition of the hair.

How to make hair shiny?

Mask of chamomile broth, yolk and honey

Brew a collection of chamomile: pour a glass of boiling water over 40 g of chamomile, then after an hour, separate the chamomile from the liquid, add 7-10 g of honey and raw yolk to the broth. To distribute this structure on hair. After at least an hour, rinse with water.

Mask with clay, sea buckthorn and milk

Using a mixer, make a homogeneous mixture from sea buckthorn berries (20g). Then add milk (50 ml) and white clay (40g).Stir the mixture and rub into the hair roots and strands. Wear a hat made of cellophane, wrap your head with a scarf. Leave this mixture for half an hour and wash with shampoo water.

Mask made of honey, aloe and castor oil

Mix 5g of honey, 5g of castor oil, 1 aloe leaf, with a small spoon of cognac and yolk. Mask hold on the head for two hours. Then wash the head with yolk and wash it in 10 minutes. Shine, shine, beauty are provided to hair. Use this mask is desirable when you are in the bath.

Mask with citric acid, vegetable oil, vinegar

In vinegar (30 ml) pour citric acid (30 ml), 7-10 ml of vegetable oil (almond, olive, sunflower). In 3 layers apply on the surface of the head with a thick brush. Composition remove with water and shampoo after half an hour.

Egg mask

Smash the egg in a small bowl, put on dampened hair. Comb with wide teeth comb your hair, starting from the roots and ending with the tips. Then, after 15 minutes, rinse with shampoo. The water must be cool to get radiance and shine. In this composition, the yolk nourishes the strands, and the protein cleans.

Honey mask

Mix in cup water and honey.Mass rub on dampened hair. After a quarter of an hour, rinse the hair with shampoo and then rinse with cool water. As a result, they will sparkle wonderfully.

How to make hair shiny?

Acetic Mask

Wash curls with shampoo without using conditioner. Then take 1 tbsp. l. bite and water and mix. Rub into the hair roots and comb. After 5 minutes, rinse curls with cool water. Vinegar increases the shine and is balanced by the pH of the hair. He cleans them and as a result they become soft and supple.

Mask with yolk and alcohol

Raw yolk mixed with 1h. l. cognac. Then put the mixture on the hair, wrap it and hold it for 15 minutes. Wash off with water, without applying shampoo. Alcohol can be replaced with cucumber juice and add a little salt.

Egg - acetic - glycerin mask with castor oil

Mix 2 eggs with vinegar (1 tsp.), Glycerin (1 tbsp. L.) And castor oil (2 tbsp. L.). This composition massaging impose on the hair. Then wrap the head and after half an hour wash with shampoo. Curls and curls will gain softness, radiance and silkiness.

Coffee mask

Use coffee masks to improve the strength, shine and health of dark hair. Coffee (2 tbsp. L.) Brew one cup of boiling water.After cooling, straining, apply on hair, then close with foil and hold for half an hour, then wash your hair with shampoo.

How to make hair shiny?

Sage tea

Using this infusion, dark hair will be brilliant. ½ cup sage leaves brew with boiling water (0.5 l), then filter. Apply on curls and then rinse them.

Carrot and beet juices

Red-haired women use carrot and beet juice to improve the quality of their hair. How to cook? In a 1: 1 ratio, mix freshly squeezed juices and 300 ml on hair. Then cover with foil, wrap. Keep your head warm and after 20 minutes, rinse hair with warm water. So do 1 - 2 times in seven days and the curls will shine beautifully. Rub these masks in a neat way, because if the composition gets on the skin, it will stain. Prepare a cosmetic swab with cleansing milk and remove this composition from the face, forehead, neck.

Air conditioning a week in one use.You can make them yourself, using coconut (olive) oil. How to cook? Put on moistened hair 1 - 3 tbsp. l. oils. Then comb them. Wrap the head with polyethylene film and wash your hair with shampoo after an hour. To clean the hair of oil, you need to wash them 3 times.Then rinse with cool water.

After washing, it is recommended to rinse the hair with cool water, as it promotes flaking, smoothing and shining.

Hair care

For healthy hair, in addition to nutrition, masks need the following care:

Apply indelible conditioner to wet hair. When they dry, they become faded and lifeless. Therefore, when applying conditioner, dry hair will remain sparkling. After applying it to the hair, you need to comb it.
Hair is more correctly dried naturally, let them dry without a hair dryer. After a period of time, you will see that the curls have acquired shine, silkiness, softness and pliability.
Avoid hair dryers, curling irons, curling tongs, as they damage the hair structure and turn it into hard and dull.
After drying the hair in a natural way, treat them with oil. Processing in such a way, they will be protected from damages and will gain shine and silkiness. For curls and curls suitable and special oil, but you can use castor, coconut, almond, olive oils, as well as jojoba oil.
To dry, wet hair can not be combed hastily and washed with a towel too vigorously. From this, the surface of the hair is injured, and they cease to shine.How to make hair shiny?
In winter, be sure to wear hats, because the hair in the cold season certainly need protection. Without a hat, the snow and wind will take away the strength of the hair, turning it into a dull, colorless, lifeless and pale head of hair. In summer, wear a hat or panama to protect yourself from exposure to strong sunlight. Caps wear in the pool, so that the chlorine contained in the water does not dry your hair. Wet hair is not recommended to go out in the cold season. In addition to getting sick, cause damage to your hair.
The scalp massage also has a positive effect on hair, which contributes to their growth and strengthening. The comb that you use is of no small importance. It must be wooden. A brush made of natural bristles is also welcomed, because using it, the hair will become luxurious and luminous.
Regular hair cutting with the removal of split ends will turn them into silky and shiny curls and curls.
Wash your hair infrequently, because every time you wash your hair, sebum (the natural oil that is secreted by the scalp) is washed out and it becomes brittle. To keep your hair shining, you need to wash them once or twice a week.
Products from natural ingredients will help you to preserve and restore shine to curls. Look for shampoos and other products that do not contain sulphates, silicones, alcohols, because they turn hair into weak, dry, faded and lifeless curls.
Curls and curls try not to fade often, do not paint, because all treatments damage the hair. When coloring it is better to use henna or other natural dyes that nourish the hair. To lighten hair as a natural brightener, use honey or chamomile tea. For shining and beauty of hair, it is preferable to choose shampoos with vitamin E.

Shiny hair gives charm and attractiveness to the fair sex. If the hair is unhealthy, then no hair does not look beautiful. Fresh, shiny and silky hair can be rightfully proud. Let your hair always shine.Choose the right care products, do not use hair dryers often, watch the food, spend more time outdoors. These are the conditions that will provide shine, health and strength to curls and curls.

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