How to make park benches from disposable tableware

The American fast-food chain Chick-Fil-A does not throw plastic cups used by customers into a landfill, but instead turns them into benches.

The process looks very interesting:

First, customers throw used glasses in a special dustbin.

Next, plastic dishes are sent for pre-processing.

During the manual sorting, liquids and waste are removed from the glasses.

After sorting, the dishes are ground to 2.5-5 cm parts.

And pressed.

Compressed dishes are sent to a specialized enterprise, where it is crushed into very small pieces.

And mixed with other types of recycled plastic.

After that, the plastic particles are melted and the desired parts of the benches are cast in special shapes under pressure.

After cooling, parts of the benches are removed from the molds.

Drill holes are drilled in the assembly shop.

And then collect the bench together.The end result of the whole process described above is such a nice park bench.

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