How to make paving stones

To begin with, concrete is prepared. To do this, take two concrete mixer. One must have concrete with pigment, and the other without it. Next, lay out the forms on the vibrating table. They should fit snugly together. Colored concrete is laid out in a layer of about 2 centimeters. If you are making gray tiles, then the dye in the front layer is not used.
After that include the vibrator. To begin, he should work no more than 10 seconds. The bottom of the form is covered with an even layer of concrete. Be sure to ensure that the amplitude and intensity of oscillation of the tabletop vibrating table was moderate. In the form should not occur "boiling" of concrete. Sealing occurs under its own weight. The entire surface of the tabletop should experience a vibration of the same intensity. To adjust the vibration, reduce the size and weight of the unbalance plate, which is anchored at the motor under the covers.
Concrete without pigment is added to the molds.The form is filled to the brim. The vibrator turns on for 10 seconds. Excess concrete is removed with a metal corner, the concrete is leveled along the edge of the mold.
After the forms are filled with concrete and the vibration process has been completely completed, the solution is carefully smoothed out. If the amount of concrete is not enough, then a solution is added to the form and rubbed without vibration. Forms are piled on pallets. The number of layers should not exceed 10.

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