How to make roses for cake decorating?

A real birthday or other pleasant celebration is hard to imagine without a cake. Often, it is he who is the "highlight" of the festive feast. Professional confectioners, having huge opportunities, will help you to realize practically any wishes. But after all, what is cooked with your own hands is always tastier.

And if you are going to bake a birthday cake, then there will necessarily arise a question about how to decorate it. Today we will share with you useful and simple options for making roses.

Delicious decor

The duration of the work and its level of complexity directly depends on the products from which you are going to cook. You can make flowers from:

  • mastics;
  • protein, butter, custard.

In the first case, the decor should be prepared well in advance, so that it takes on the desired shape and stiffens, it takes more time, and in the case of cream, on the contrary - before the decoration.

Working with a plastic mass

Making cakes with mastic has gained extraordinary popularity in recent years.And all because the mass is so malleable for creativity that it is easy to fashion not only plants, flowers, vegetables / fruits, but also various figures from it.

One of the most simple and inexpensive mastic recipes includes the following products:

  • chewing marshmallow - 200 g;
  • icing sugar - 350-400 g;
  • butter - 2 tablespoons;
  • food coloring.

Marshmallow put in a container, add oil and dye pink, warm in the microwave for 1 minute. During this time, the mass should increase slightly in volume.

Pour in powder and mix thoroughly first in a bowl, and then on a large flat surface until smooth. The mass should not stick to your hands.

Now you can begin to form colors. From the mastic we make a small cone and put it on the toothpick. Using a stack, we squeeze out several identical petal circles, roll them out, making the edges thinner than the middle. Now we start to make a rose. To do this, moisten a small area of ​​the mug with water, glue it to the cone and wrap it around. Do the same with the rest of the petals.

When work is finished, leave the decorations to dry, and paste into the cake. As you can see, it's not so difficult to create such beauty with your own hands.

The traditional version is always in fashion!

If you are an adherent of classic cakes, then roses can be made from cream:

Protein. Even the most inexperienced housewives will cope with its preparation. But you should pay attention to the fact that the decorations made from it are suitable only for a dry surface, on a damp surface they immediately melt. You will need:

  • egg whites - 3 pcs .;
  • powdered sugar - 600 g;
  • lemon juice - 1 tsp;
  • glycerin - 1 tsp;
  • red dye.

The main thing here is an active and thorough beating, so it’s best to use a mixer. First you need to grind proteins with half the total amount of powder, add lemon juice and dye. Start beating at low speed, gradually pouring the rest of the powder. Add the food glycerin and continue to whisk, but make sure that there are no air bubbles in the mass. This is done pretty quickly.

Next you need a pastry syringe or a bag in which you need to put the cream and gently put it in the form of flowers. The decoration will turn out to be airy and delicate in appearance, but rather strong due to glycerin, which will help to keep the shape.

Oil.It can be made with the addition of sugar, powder or condensed milk, it all depends on your taste preferences:

  • oil - 200 g, sugar - 1 tbsp .;
  • oil - 200 g, powder - ½ st .;
  • oil - 200 g, zgushchenka - 1 can.

How to cook such a cream? The process will be the same in all three variants: gradually add sugar, powder or condensed milk to the softened butter, beating with a mixer. The cream will be ready when the consistency becomes homogeneous, and you notice the appearance of waves in the mass.

Just like in the previous recipe, you will need a syringe. On the finished, smeared cream cakes, squeeze jewelry in the form of roses.

CustardIt is most often used for puff pastries (cakes like "Napoleon"), but it is also suitable for decorations. The following products will be required:

  • sugar - 300 g;
  • citric acid - 1 tsp;
  • egg whites - 6 pcs.

The cooking process consists of two stages. First you need to dissolve the sugar in boiling water (1/2 tbsp.), And add citric acid. Give a little boil over. The syrup should turn white.

In the pre-cooled eggs, separate the whites from the yolk, whites thoroughly whites to a steady peak.

Next to the proteins gradually pour the syrup, beating with a mixer.Thus, the proteins will thicken, and the mass will become suitable for the formation of the decor.

The latest trends in the world of pastry art demonstrate the use of living flowers to decorate cakes. It is very beautiful and unusual, but you need to pay tribute to the classics - “edible” roses always remain familiar and relevant. Let your life will always be sweet, and make your pastry good!

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