How to meet guests

How to meet guestsHow to meet guests

On the day of reception, take care of the last details. Think again about the course of the reception. Refresh the names of the guests, their spouses and friends, see interesting news in the newspapers. Clean yourself up, prepare your clothes. Try to take half an hour to rest before you start. If you do not smoke at home, take care of a smoking area outside.

You worry, and this is understandable. Remember that in case of unforeseen circumstances a sense of humor, good manners, friendliness and ease will help you out.


The wife of a high-ranking official organized a picnic with kebabs in honor of the new conductor of the local symphony orchestra. An hour before the reception, the unexpected happened: the car with all the accessories went somewhere. There were neither tables, nor tablecloths ... The hostess did not lose her head and pulled out small goats for chopping firewood from the barn and covered them with linen sheets. Guests were delighted with the unusual reception in the style of peyzan!


This can happen to anyone: at an elaborate reception, an uninvited guest unexpectedly appears a person whom you did not invite, a relative or friend of one of the guests.


As a host, you should greet the intruder as if you were waiting for him. Say that it is just wonderful that he was able to come to your reception. Immediately introduce a new guest. Find a place for him. And most importantly, smile! (When planning a reception, be sure to stock up with a few extra devices in such a case.)


Meeting with guests



First guests you must meet at the door in person. Greeting, call everyone by name, shake hands and say: "I am so glad that you came." Later, guests can be greeted by your friend (girlfriend) or spouse (spouse), saying the following: “Hello, I'm Edward, Olga's husband. She is on the terrace. ” Always be nearby and make sure that the one who meets guests knows exactly where you are.


If the number of guests is not very large, every newcomer should be introduced to everyone. When there are a lot of guests, introduce new guests only to those who are nearby. Watch out for shy ones so they don't get bored in the corner. Involve them in conversation, introduce someone to whom they would be interested.


Offer guests a drink or show where the bar is located. You should have both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including water. Keep napkins nearby or offer them with glasses.Snack is served along with alcoholic beverages.


Remember that first of all serve older people.

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