How to open a sewing studio?

How to open a sewing studio?

How to open a sewing studio?

Many people dream of starting their own business. This also applies to tailors (both professional and working at home at the amateur level). Given the current prices for repair and tailoring services on the market, this can be a very profitable business. However, any case has its own specifics. How to open a sewing studio? Probably many are asking such a question.


When planning the opening of such an atelier, it is necessary to clearly understand its specialization. Perhaps this will be tailoring of men's or women's clothing, and maybe its repair. An open studio can serve middle-class customers or it will be designed for a rich clientele.


As soon as you have finally made a decision on which specialization to choose, then begin to select personnel for yourself. In order to gain a large client segment, you will need several very high-class specialists, and those, as a rule,have to lure away from direct competitors. In order for the employee to agree to go to you, he must be very interested (mainly materially). But if in the beginning with this there are problems, then you have to work a little yourself.


If the amount of starting capital allows, then it is even possible to set up a small-size sewing shop. Making a couple of thousand products a day, and setting a markup of 50 percent, it is possible to get quite decent profits.


Starting this kind of production, be sure to remember that the finished products must be sold. If you have an agreement with stores, do not strive to set too large a markup, because the seller will still add his own, and goods with too high a price are unlikely to be sold instantly.


Looking after the room for your future studio, you must first pay attention to how far it is from the city center. It would be nice if there is a fabric store in the vicinity (and a clothing store for a repair shop). It is good to build a motley signboard that draws attention from afar, you can also agree with the neighbors selling fabrics, and leave them with flyers or at least business cards.



How to open a sewing studio?

How to open a sewing studio?


When calculating the costs of organizing a sewing shop, please note that the following acquisitions will be required:

- Cutting equipment;

- the necessary number of sewing machines;

- overlock and loop machines;

- several steam plants with irons;

- steam mannequins;

- ordinary mannequins;

- device for making labels.


By approximate calculations it turns out that the total amount that will have to be found for the purchase of such equipment may be approximately 20 thousand dollars. Still a certain amount will be needed for the purchase of consumables, as well as small tools: scissors, needles, zippers, threads, patterns, etc.


Experts advise beginners to clearly define for themselves the specialization of the future business. If you open a sewing workshop for the production of clothing, then there can be no question about repairing or selling fabrics. If you try all the functions together, it is unlikely that something good will come out of it.


For more or less comfortable placement of the shop for sewing clothes, you need to buy or rent a room at least 100 m2.Of course, there should be acceptable lighting, convenient working conditions and high quality electrical wiring.


The staff should have about a dozen seamstresses, a few specialists in cutting, a mechanic to keep your equipment in working condition, an accountant and a couple of maintenance workers. The workshop for the production of clothes can work in two shifts, in which case the number of employees will be twice as large.


But if the opening of the shop - for you it is too large-scale business, then there is the possibility of opening a business as an ordinary studio with 3-4 employees in the staff. And in this case there will be enough room of 20 m2. The equipment will also need a lot less: one overlock, one dummy, a pair of sewing machines and one steam iron. Also, a small fitting room equipment is considered ideal, which will be fenced off from the rest of the space.


You can hire employees on a piece-by-piece basis (with a symbolic salary). To install the sign will have to pay about 30 thousand rubles (you can, of course, less, but it will not have the effect). Well, the best advertising for the studio, it certainly will be “word of mouth”.Serve qualitatively and well at least some of the first customers, and then people with new orders will reach out to you.

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