How to organize a fun graduation in 4th grade

Behind four years of primary school, and ahead - the next difficult stage of training. Therefore, it is very important to organize a fun children's graduation ceremony, which marks the end of primary school. Our tips will help the parent committee and the teacher to organize this important event so that the children will remember it for life.

Grade 4 organization

To organize a spectacular holiday, you must consider the following factors:

  1. Holiday budget
    With the budget of the graduation matinee in grade 4, you must decide in advance - ideally in 2-3 months. At the parents' meeting, the parenting committee of the class should offer several options for holding the graduation and allow other parents to submit their proposals. Consider the cost and approve it at the general meeting. From this moment the active preparation of the graduation event will begin.

  2. Place and time
    The school assembly hall is the easiest answer to the question “Where to spend the graduation?” If funds allow, you can rent a children's cafe or have a picnic in nature. In any case, the room where the holiday will take place must necessarily be brightly decorated, for example: with balloons or to install appropriate decorations.

  3. Scenario
    The scenario is the most important component of the organization of the holiday and, as a rule, consists of four parts: the official, entertainment, sweet table and the final part:
    1. The official part. First, it is necessary to congratulate children on graduation from elementary school, note their success in school, read out wishes for the future. The official part is preferably diluted with various songs, poems, contests and dances.
    2. In the entertainment part of the graduation it is necessary to provide short quizzes and show jumping, and so that children do not get bored you can spend a couple of mobile relay races. Every winner and participants of the competition must receive symbolic gifts.

    3. Sweet tooth. Sweets can be ordered in a confectioner's shop, as well as prepared with the help of initiative parents.
    4. The final part.At the end of the holiday, it is possible to launch balloons or Chinese lanterns into the sky. And let every child make a wish that will come true.

    Scenario examples: Scenario 1, Scenario 2

Helpful Tips

  • The leader of the evening can be not only a professional animator or teacher, but also one of the parents.
  • Be sure to choose a holiday style, for example: a ball, a pirate party, a funny fairy tale. Texts of songs, poems, congratulations you can find on Internet resources. The main thing is to put everything right into one.
  • The dance performed by children must be matched in style to the chosen scenario and must be complemented by appropriate costumes: waltz in ball gowns, dance of pirates in pirate costumes, etc.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the musical accompaniment of the entire event, for this it is better to attract a professional so that there are no failures during the graduation ceremony.

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