How to organize a holiday in pirate style?

Birthday is one of the most anticipated holidays. And if it is the birthday of a child, then you can be sure that on this day he expects a real miracle, and your power to carry it out. The theme of pirates is one of the most popular topics for a fun holiday, and today we will be happy to share with you some ideas of its implementation.

The spirit of adventure and adventure

Whatever your child is fond of, the cartoon "Treasure Island" or the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean", the general idea and idea of ​​the celebration will be one - adventure. And here it is important to think through every little thing. Let's start, a thousand devils!

Dress code

Suits are required. But do not get too carried away, the preparation of a full-fledged pirated image can take too much time, so you can limit yourself to basic things. It can be black bandanas, blindfolds, vests, any clothes with the Jolly Roger, hats, cocked hats, capes, raincoats, vests.And, of course, weapons - knives, pistols, sabers, which can be plugged into wide belts on the belt.

For the originator of the celebration, the cane, the smoking pipe and the faithful companion of the leader on his shoulder - a parrot - are not superfluous.

Girls can be encouraged to wear striped dresses and fishnet tights. Large hoop earrings and massive chains complete the image of a bold pirate.

Room decoration

The "ground" for entertainment, too, should look appropriate. The first thing you can use is balls in black and white. They are advisable to design a photo zone, so that the birthday or the birthday girl can capture happy moments of the holiday with the guests. At the entrance you can also put a sign with pointers.

For decorating fit bottles of alcohol, on which you can attach stickers with the Jolly Roger or draw his image using acrylic paints.

Do not forget the garland. Make it easy - cut the black triangles and secure them on the tape. You can also glue white letters on them that make up the inscription “Happy Birthday!”. This will definitely appeal to both a boy and a girl.

Everything connected with the sea is also suitable - shells, starfishes, a compass, binoculars, a telescope, a steering wheel. Well, what are pirates without treasure? Be sure to find several chests of different sizes or make them from cardboard boxes. And to do this without an old card is simply impossible. Divide it into several parts, and hang it around the room so that the child and his friends can then put it together.


Nobody will have to miss the holiday in the pirate style. And the main action, of course, must be the struggle for treasure. It may consist of several stages. For example, solving a puzzle or a crossword puzzle with sea terms, training in tying sea knots, playing Crocodile with words related to pirates.

From the competitions can come "Wrecked Treasures", when from a bowl of water without the help of hands you need to get the fruit. Dexterity and imagination can be manifested in the construction of a ship for speed from the materials at hand, and intellectual abilities can be manifested in the collection of a thematic puzzle.

Well, the final race for the gold coins, hidden in different parts of the room. Whose team will find the greatest number, they also receive medals of brave pirates.


Presenting a birthday without a festive table is impossible.But most often active children do not really want to sit behind him for a long time, when there is so much interesting around. Therefore, parents refuse full meals in favor of snacks.

It can be small sandwiches, halves of boiled eggs with slices of cheese or sausages in the form of a sail (the same ships can be made from halves of baked potatoes) attached to a toothpick, rolls of pita. Do not forget about fish. If the young robbers do not want to eat baked, then you can make canapes with herring.

Children especially like funny sausages octopus - tasty and satisfying. To do this, you just need to cut each sausage in half and cut one end crosswise and then boil it.

Another option that will help thoroughly nourish young guests - homemade hot dogs.

As a dessert, multi-colored jelly is perfect, as well as fruit, strung on skewers.

The “highlight of the program” should be a cake in the form of a pirate's head, a ship or a treasure map. Complement all the various non-alcoholic cocktails and tomato juice, which will be the "shark's blood."

If you don’t have time to come up with interesting options for serving dishes, then themed toppers will come to the rescue, which will easily decorate the food.

Now you know how to organize a fun pirate party for your child. And so for the cause!

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