How to overcome the fear of the boss?


For some people, work is the meaning of life, to which they devote even their spare time to work. The development of innovative equipment, the desire to receive the Nobel Prize or the absence of other hobbies - a variety of reasons because of which people lose interest in the world around them. Such people invariably achieve high results in their professional activities, markedly increasing productivity and profitability in their companies. However, often such masters are deprived of leadership qualities that allow them to march over their colleagues, therefore during the life they work in the category of ordinary employees.

How to overcome the fear of the boss?

Even having specialized knowledge in a certain area of ​​the industry, not every person will risk opening his own enterprise. Professionals do not have the courage to talk openly with the authorities, correctly communicating their requirements. Managers highly appreciate such employees, who bring great benefits to the company, but raising their salaries is an inexpedient decision, because they themselves do not begin conversations on such topics.The psychology of the crowd forces geeks to remain in the shadow of more arrogant and courageous colleagues, usurping other people's merits.

Fears make it difficult for people to enjoy everyday life, do not allow them to set new goals and move forward.

This situation can change one phrase. The specialist should only “give a hint” about his dissatisfaction, as the boss instantly satisfies the conditions of the best employee of the enterprise. However, only some professionals manage to overcome themselves, having decided on a responsible conversation with the chief. The main reason for such a confluence of circumstances is a person’s fears that prevent talented employees from raising their self-esteem. Stormy imagination and impressionable imagination “paint” in the minds of employees exclusively unfavorable scenarios. The wrath of the boss unsatisfied with the arrogance of the "subordinate", or the instant dismissal caused by the violation of subordination at work, the censure of colleagues dissatisfied with the behavior of a friend, or regular quarrels in the family are some of the outcomes that arise in the head of such a person.It is not surprising that the talented master decides to be content with a tit in his hands, forgetting about the cranes in the sky.

How to overcome the fear of the boss?

Only some professionals decide on a desperate step, trying their luck. As a result of a brief conversation with the management, an employee will receive a highly paid position and new career prospects. However, many employees who stayed in one place are not ready to follow the inspiring example. What to do in this situation? Stay a lifetime as an ordinary worker, hoping for a Nobel Prize and global recognition? It's easier to overcome the fear of the boss, gathering with his own forces.

The reasons for the fear of the chef

To get rid of fear, you need to look him straight in the eye, after determining the cause of your fear. People lack the spirit to perform such an action, allowing to get rid of regular panic attacks. It is not surprising that many people continue to live with fears, because they cannot learn to control themselves, suppressing negative emotions and negative energy in the subconscious. It is important to gather strength, taking the first step towards a brighter future - to find out the cause of your fear in front of the boss.Practicing psychologists helping employees overcome their fears highlight the following common factors:

Insecurity in their own strength and cowardice, preserved from childhood - sworn "enemies" of employees who do not dare to communicate with the head. Conversations with the boss, projected at the subconscious level of the worker, invariably end in tears. It is not surprising that an employee who is upset by his social and psychological inconsistency prefers to avoid contact with the manager. However, fear of the boss is only the unconscious projection of the worker, added to other phobias and fears.
Regular submission of a specific scenario, in which the employee does not receive approval from the head. An employee who has applied for a salary increase or promotion on the career ladder is confronted with a misunderstanding of the chief, who has a different opinion about the professional and personal qualities of the “subordinate”. The constant re-creation of such a conversation materializes the employee's thoughts into reality, contributing to the development of fear of the boss.
The unpredictability of the upcoming event is the main factor worrying the employee prone to phobias. It is impossible to predict accurately the course of events that will occur in the office of the chief, so the employee prefers to remain in blissful ignorance. The stability inherent in the current time takes precedence over possible prospects, the realization of which is being questioned. It is not surprising that the majority of employees refuse spontaneous decisions, being content with everyday routine.
Fear of the boss can be caused by misunderstandings in the team, where a talented employee is regularly pressured by other employees. If the specialist goes to the head to ask the boss for a salary increase, thoroughly substantiating the relevance of career growth, the chief can agree with the offer of the master, depriving the bonus money of other employees. Threats from colleagues who perform their duties are much worse, another weighty factor provoking the development of a person's subconscious fear of a boss.
Often, the fear of a dialogue with the boss gives rise to unjustified risks that are present at the moment when the requirements of a talented employee are voiced. Before starting a conversation, a person has a stable job, a sufficient amount of money to live in and everyday constancy are the main material regalia of the average employee. If the conversation with the boss does not work out, then there is a risk of being dismissed and losing regular income, putting at risk the welfare of your family.

How to overcome the fear of the boss?

Having decided on the reason for the appearance of fear in front of your boss, it is important to understand the scale of the negative impact of the phobia on everyday life and career. Constantly staying in fear in front of their leader adversely affects the health of the employee, because he is constantly in a strong moral strain. In a state of stress, one cannot rationally argue and think positively, because noticeable disturbances occur in the human mental activity. If you do not get rid of fear in a timely manner, then a serious mental illness can develop. Phobias gradually destroy the self-esteem of a person, contributing to the social and spiritual disintegration of the individual.

You can not go on about your own phobias, risking a stable job, a promising job, a promising career and a lifetime

About advancement on a career ladder the employee in which consciousness the fear before the chief has lodged, can not count. The manager will see in the cowardly "subordinate" not a professional, but a spiritually weakened person, unable to lead the enterprise. The boss, prone to aggression, will use the employee's fears, sweeping out anger and negative emotions on him. A phobia is an obstacle to the bright future you dream of. Highly paid position and financial well-being are "hostages" of fear of the boss, so it's pointless to hope for an increase.

How to overcome the fear of the boss?

Ways to deal with the fear of the boss

Realizing the negative impact of fears on health and career, it is important to ask in time: How to get rid of a phobia in front of the boss? To overcome panic attacks that have passed into the stage of serious mental illnesses, it is possible only with the help of a professional help of a practicing psychotherapist. It’s almost impossible to cope with problems of this scale on your own.However, in some cases, you can get rid of phobias on your own, eliminating options with the help of specialists. To overcome the fear of a boss at an early stage, adhere to the following methods:

It is of primary importance to admit to yourself having a similar type of phobia. It is impossible to deny that you are afraid of communication with the boss, regularly undergoing panic attacks at the sight of the boss. If you are aware of the presence of a phobia, then it will be much easier to deal with fear - the circle of "suspects" will narrow to one object.
At the next stage, answer yourself the question: Why do you have fear before the boss? What exactly scares you? What are the development options that lead to a phobia in front of your boss? Is it worth limiting your imagination only to negative situations? Determine the reason for which you have a fear of the boss, and try to project the desired outcomes. You are a welcome guest in the manager's office, a valuable employee and an interesting conversationalist. What prevents to consider the upcoming conversation from a positive perspective?
Detailed presentation of your communication with the head,proceed to the next stage of psychological recovery - rationally weigh your own capabilities and options for the boss's reactions. If you are an integral work unit of the company, regularly carrying out the tasks set by the authorities, then the maximum penalty that you should be afraid of is the elevated tone of the boss. Really you will not be able to cope with the moral pressure of the head, leaving the office? Given that such a scenario is the worst, the chances of raising wages are significantly increased.
Visualize the benefits that you will gain from the task. If you decide to talk with your boss, you will feel like a self-sufficient, self-confident person. What other changes are waiting for you? Colleagues will reconsider their attitude towards you, having perceived the overpowering of fear, as an act of a strong and self-sufficient person. The chief, having considered leadership qualities in you, can offer a new position, contributing to career growth. Having overcome the fear of the leader, you find yourself in a situation where the game exceeds the cost of the candles.
If you have a trusting relationship with colleagues, then enlist the support of the team before going to the chief's office. Employees who are able to confirm your professionalism will become a weighty argument in the dialogue with the chief. It should be borne in mind that even an aggressive leader will not be able to dismiss a cohesive team, left without workers. Public opinion, supported by an impressive evidence base - a powerful "tool", helping to achieve the cherished goals. Even powerful people are not ready to oppose their own "I" to the voice of the crowd.
Do not stop at the reached stage, regularly training courage in the office of the chief. If the boss calls you to yourself, then do not look for excuses - boldly head to the boss, recalling previous positive experience. It is enough to confidently hold in a conversation with the boss once, so that positive emotions connected with such an event appear on the subconscious.

How to overcome the fear of the boss?

It should be noted that one should not confuse the rational behavior of the employee and the feeling of fear in front of the boss. If you close browser links with extraneous sites or start working diligently when a manager approaches you, this is an expedient decision that can be explained by a logical reason.In this situation, it is pointless to talk about phobias and phobias, because the employee is trying to protect themselves from a fair reprimand or a fine. If, at the sight of your boss, a drop of sweat runs down your back, and events in the world around you stop instantly, then the face of the prerequisites for the development of your fear of the chef.

Remember that a professional employee who is regularly coping with his duties is senselessly afraid of the boss - the boss has no reason to be reprimanded, fines or penalties

To experience excitement, standing in front of the door of the head - a natural coincidence. Falling into a swoon when the boss asks you a question - a significant cause for concern. The main thing is to correctly classify such phenomena in order not to reasonably not feel self-doubt. If you manage to get rid of negative thoughts at the time of conversation with the leader, then you will take a significant step towards the cherished goal. Do not exaggerate the scale of events occurring around you - treat new circumstances with understanding, while making decisions judiciously.

How to overcome the fear of the boss?

Having coped with the fear of your leader, you will be able to find peace of mind and regain confidence in your own abilities.You will have new goals and psychological protection, not allowing plans to crumble. The world around us will play with bright colors, because phobias will no longer remain on a subconscious level. You can not give up the surprises that you are preparing for the future - promotion on the career ladder, a high-paying position, a happy family and an unimaginable range of positive emotions.

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