How to photograph a night city

You will need
  • - Camera;
  • - tripod;
  • - remote descent or cable release;
  • - flash.
Photograph a night city in aperture priority mode using bracketing. Exposure time must be set for more than 10 seconds. It is in order to avoid vibration during exposure that a night tripod and a trigger cable are required for night shooting.
Remove UV protection and various filters installed on the lens. If you do not do this, glare, flashings or splitting may occur. It is recommended to install the hood to avoid side beams and reflections from side objects.
If you want to use the flash - turn on the slow sync mode. This is necessary in order for the photos to be visible, not only people or objects caught in the flash, but also the background behind them. If your camera does not have a slow sync feature, set the shutter speed manually.Try different shutter speeds to determine the best result.
Very interesting pictures are obtained by imposing frames. To do this, first photograph the view of the night city. Pick up the composition so that on the spot where the moon will later be located, there would be an empty sky. Then you need to take a picture of the moon itself. For this, it is better to use a long-focus lens. Then, using Photoshop, apply one frame to another.

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