How to play on the Russian stock exchanges

If you are engaged in online trading, your investor application is first transmitted to the broker by the trading system, and only from it goes to the trading platform. Professional participants are supervised by government regulators. The activity of each investment company is regulated by the Federal Financial Markets Service of the Russian Federation. Commercial banks are subject to the Central Bank of Russia.
Playing on the Russian stock exchanges, you pay a certain percentage as a commission for brokerage services and carry out transactions on your own or through trust management. In trust, investors usually pay a percentage of their income. At the same time, your assets are managed by a professional participant, but the ownership right remains with you as the owner of the assets.
You can play by semi-trust management through a brokerage investment account. Thus, you get access to a comprehensive set of targeted services.At the same time you can always get information and consulting support. Note that there is a remuneration of a financial intermediary, as a percentage of the volume of transactions or a percentage of your income. With a semi-trust management, each professional participant offers lending services, analytical materials, information support, access to a terminal in a dealing hall.
You, as a private investor, have the right to choose a financial intermediary among investment companies and commercial banks yourself. When choosing, be guided by the range of services offered and the optimal competitive percentage of remuneration to a professional intermediary.

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