How to print one page?

Polina Garashchenko
Polina Garashchenko
August 18, 2014
How to print one page?

Most PC users know how to work with Word. However, when working with the program, you may encounter a problem when you want to print only one page of text, and not the entire text document. Let's deal with this.

How to print one page through "Page Number"

In order to print only one page of a document, you need to find the "File" item in an already open document on the toolbar. If you have Windows 7 installed on your computer, then you need to find an icon in the upper left corner, when you hover over the "Office Button" window. This button is fairly easy to find, as it is the only bright button on the toolbar.

Next, select the command "Print". In the "Page" group, select the "Page number" field and enter the number of the page to be printed. Click "OK"

How to print one page through "Page" -> "Current"

In the document, find the page you need (this can be done using the "Go" command - F5).Next, we execute all the commands described in the first option, only now in the "Page" group, select the "Current" field. Click "OK".

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