How to properly care for different shoes

Every self-respecting girl is simply obliged to monitor their appearance, and shoes are no exception. And, as you know, good and high-quality footwear is not cheap, so you really want to keep its presentable and fresh appearance, as long as possible, but, unfortunately, this does not always work.

Rains, dirt, dust, sun exposure, temperature changes, and other factors have a negative effect on the condition of shoes, especially if you do not know how to properly care for it. In particular, this refers to shoes that are made from moody skin types, such as suede or nubuck, misuse of them can lead to rapid failure of your favorite boots or shoes.

How to care for different shoes

How to care for shoes? This question can often be heard in shoe stores, as well as in a normal conversation between two people. And this is not at all surprising, because this is not taught at school or at the institute, and knowledge of these, seemingly small things in life, can help you save a lot of your budget, as well as save your favorite pair of shoes from imminent death.

That is why we tried to collect in our article as much information as possible on this topic. Care for shoes, in fact, is not complicated, it all depends on the material of the product from which it is made. There are more capricious and demanding views, and there are calm ones that will not require much effort from you.

For example, many women of fashion diligently avoid buying products made of suede, because they know that this is a very demanding material, it is very easy to stain or spoil it, but it’s not always possible to correct the situation.

The same applies to nubuck and velor, but matte or patent leather are more wearable materials, and care for them does not require special knowledge, everything is very simple. But it’s stupid to refuse such fashionable and stylish things, just because of the incomparable nature of the material! Let's try to understand the difficulties of this process.

How to care for nubuck shoes, suede and leather models?

Care for leather shoes

Shoes made of smooth and matte leather - the easiest to care for, if it is dirty, then just wash it with a soft flannel cloth, which is soaked in soapy water.

Try to avoid getting moisture inside the shoes, do not forget that leather shoes can not be washed with hot water. After the dirt is washed off, wipe the surface with a dry and soft cloth. If the skin is white or any light color, then the easiest way is to stain it with a soft rubber band.

Girls should take care of shoes

After it was possible to clean all the dirt and dust, shoes should be allowed to dry. It is best to do this whole procedure immediately after the arrival, so that in the evening, already on dry shoes, apply a special cream that will be absorbed overnight.

If you will anoint the cream before going out, the whole procedure will lose its meaning, the cream will not have time to absorb, the skin does not soften, which leads to the formation of small cracks, which inevitably lead to rapid damage to the shoes.

For the winter period of time, you can use special high-content creams, which, unlike the rest, must be applied just before going outside. This is done in order to protect the natural surface of the shoe from the effects of various street reagents.

How to care for shoes made of nubuck or suede?

It is necessary to care for shoes not only in winter and autumn, when the level of mud and slush reaches the limit, but also in summer, especially with regard to suede shoes, because this material is very afraid of direct sunlight. Summer is a special time, which is accompanied not only by holidays and sunny days, but also by high temperatures, as well as constant dust on the sidewalks.

That is why it is worth going out in suede shoes, as they are covered with a kilogram of dust and litter. How to deal with the problem in this case? A flannel napkin or a special suede brush is best suited, such a small thing should always be in your purse if you wear suede shoes.

The main thing to remember is that suede shoes and nubuck shoes can not be washed and drenched! If you rinse them thoroughly under running water, then you can forever say goodbye to your favorite boots. That is why you should not wear such shoes in rainy and wet weather.

Another frequent ailment of suede and nubuck is the permanent formation of spots on the surface, which give the shoe a completely “tired” look. You can get rid of them using a special stain remover for suede or nubuck, as well as using a regular eraser, which not only can remove the stain,but also lead the nap into a "living" state.

If the stain has an oily structure, then it can be removed with gasoline or, sprinkling a spot with talcum powder, and after a few hours scrape the shoes with a stiff brush.

It often happens that because of direct sunlight, suede begins to lose color quickly, and the shoes themselves begin to acquire a not too pleasant, greenish or bluish tinge. In order to restore the required pigment, you need to use a special paint from the can for suede or nubuck, which is evenly sprayed over the entire surface, previously cleaned and dried.

By the way, it is necessary to dry any leather shoes at room temperature, in no case putting shoes under heaters and batteries.

As we have said suede and nubuck is better not to wet at all, but if this has already happened, then the shoes need to be properly dried, put folded paper or newspaper inside the boot or shoes. This will allow the shoe not to lose its shape when dried.

Care of lacquered shoes

Lacquer shoes - a special kind that requires careful and attentive attitude to yourself.Holiday lacquer shoes - this is, in fact, far from casual shoes, it is better to wear it only on special occasions, avoiding inclement and wet weather.

How to take care of shoes photo

Dampness and dirt are extremely negative impact on the lacquer surface, which from them begins to dim and crack. In addition to special care products for lacquer shoes, lacquer shoes can be wiped with a flannel cloth, if they are not too dirty, as well as with a piece of cotton wool that is wetted in milk. Then the shoes must be polished to a shine with a soft and dry cloth.

You must know that the lacquer shoes can not be cleaned with a brush, as it can leave small scratches. It is better to periodically wipe the surface with petroleum jelly or castor oil, which is able to protect the lacquer layer from cracking in frost or heat. Also, lacquer shoes must not only be properly worn, but also properly stored - they need to be wrapped in paper.

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