How to quickly get rid of unpleasant hiccups

At first glance, it may seem that hiccups are an innocuous phenomenon that, as has suddenly arisen, also disappeared, neither leaving a trace nor a trace.

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But if a hiccup attacks during an important interview, a dinner party or a serious meeting, then a very unpleasant opinion can emerge about the person, which is then very difficult to correct. But instead of frantically swallowing water, it is better to apologize and go to a secluded place where you can quickly get rid of hiccups.

How does hiccups occur?

In general, there are many ways that should help with hiccups, but due to the fact that there are quite a few reasons for the occurrence of such an unpleasant phenomenon, not every method will suit a particular case. In general, it is a consequence of muscle spasms, which is involved in breathing, the diaphragm.

Due to irritation of the nerve endings of the diaphragm, it begins to shrink very often, and the lungs at this time do not cease to draw in air. So, involuntary “iki” are obtained, which are very difficult to stop with one desire.

But what is the irritant of these very nerve endings, it is already more difficult.Hiccups can occur from overeating, when food particles are stuck on the lower part of the throat, from an excess of alcohol.

By the way, another common cause of hiccups is a general overcooling of the body, most often it happens in young children, but also occurs in adults.

If a baby has a hiccup, then there is no danger in it, it doesn’t cause much concern to the baby, it’s just necessary to wrap it up or put on warm socks.

If the reason is not hypothermia, then you can get rid of the hiccups of a newborn baby with a couple of teaspoons of warm water.

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Also, infants often swallow air with food, after which hiccups appear, which is a harmless phenomenon that passes rather quickly. If you can’t cope with hiccups at all, you can drop a couple of drops of lemon juice or chamomile decoction under the tongue.

Few people know, but hiccups can be psychological: in a situation of severe stress or excessive nervous tension, hiccups are observed, which are also unconscious, caused by a person’s desire to avoid unpleasant events,which formed at the moment.

But the causes of hiccups are not always so minor, and the process itself is fast passing. There are also chronic cases of hiccups, when it did not stop for more than two days or could subside for a short period of time, and then return again.

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There were cases when such an unpleasant phenomenon tormented people for more than three weeks. Of course, such a long period with hiccups does not carry anything good: eating and sleeping is difficult, a person falls into depression.

Why does hiccups occur in such cases? Most likely, it has become a symptom of this or that disease, which can be of the most diverse nature: inflammatory processes in the abdominal cavity, diseases of the spinal cord and brain, mental agitation, or even the development of a tumor in the thoracic or esophagus.

Therefore, if the hiccups do not subside within a few days, then it is urgent to contact a specialist so that he can prescribe an examination and appropriate treatment.

How to deal with hiccups?

How far medicine would have gone forward, however, effective medicines that would instantly help with hiccups are still not invented.

However, one should not be frightened; it is usually enough just to divert a person’s attention from his condition, because when he concentrates on spasms his chest stiffens, which leads to a worsening of his condition.

If attacks of hiccups have already become a systematic phenomenon, then you may have to undergo an x-ray examination, which usually reveals, if any, any obstacles in the esophagus, after which you will be prescribed qualified treatment, depending on the degree of neglect of the condition.

Folk remedies and drugs for hiccups

Oddly enough, but in this matter it is folk tricks that can become the best assistants in the fight against annoying spasms. Let us take as an example the most popular and effective means, which, most often, in 5 minutes lead a person to a normal state.

  • The most famous way is to drink a glass of water, it must be drunk at a measured pace and in small sips. This method most often helps if it is necessary to push the remnants of food from the lower part of the pharynx, which were irritants in the nerve area.
  • If the water variant does not help, then you can resort to an unusual method: drink water from the “top down” position, that is, the body with its head leans forward.This is a completely non-standard approach, which is often very effective.
  • If something unusual tastes in the esophagus, for example, sour or bitter, the spasms may stop. Try sucking a slice of lemon or drinking a teaspoon of vinegar.
  • Another well-known method that helps get rid of hiccups is a reflex effect on the laryngeal area. Try to put your finger on the inner wall of the pharynx as if you are going to cause vomiting, while, of course, not bringing the process to the final. Thus, it comes out to knock down the steady rhythm of hiccups, and then you can drink it with water.
  • You can try to frighten a person who is tormented by hiccups, for this you need to suddenly blow up an inflated ball or package, this method can instantly save you from an annoying illness.
  • Also helps stimulate the nerve, which is in the middle ear. To do this, you need to turn your ears with your index fingers and turn them a little.
  • In order for the diaphragm to "get in place", it sometimes helps to hold your breath. It will be better if the person becomes at the free wall, stretches his arms up and holds his breath as much as he can, and then exhales sharply, leaning his whole body down. Exercise must be repeated 3-4 times.
  • Experts sometimes advise during hiccups to properly massage the middle phalanx of the little finger, this acupressure can relax the diaphragm.
  • You can try to relax well, and then strongly press the stomach in the diaphragm area with your hands.
  • And finally, if you do not help all of the above methods, then we'll talk about a variant that is completely based on psychology, it is sometimes used even by doctors. When someone starts hiccuping in your presence, get a few bills out of the purse, put them on the table and say: "I bet you can not hiccup in the next minute."

And what is most interesting, a person, really will not be able to really hiccup next time not to lose a bet.

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