How to read a rap?

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How to read a rap?

Rap is not an easy musical genre, which requires from the performer not only talent, but also a technique that has been worked out to perfection. On how to learn the uneasy skill of rap, we will describe below.

What do you need for a good rap?

Rap - is an artistic recitative, which is pronounced in the rhythm of the selected music track. Not every performer is able to work in this musical direction. To really high quality, professional, interesting read rap, you need:

  • Have well developed lungs. This will allow you to pronounce long lines without a hitch, in one breath. To do this, run, swimming. Learn to hold your breath for a few minutes.
  • Have flawless diction. Rap is a quick recital of verse forms, and if you utter words unclearly, crumpled, then the listeners simply will not be able to understand what you read about rap. Speakers can help develop diction.
  • Be able to work with voice. The ability to vary the timbre while lowering, lower and raise the tonality, speak a little hoarsely or, on the contrary, very gently and smoothly, is extremely important for a beautiful, emotional performance.Learn about all the possibilities of your voice and try to develop the nature-given skills as much as possible.
  • Have charisma. This rapper will certainly be able to work perfectly with the hall. He conveys the meaning of words by facial expressions, gestures, eyes, inner energy message. Learn to fully liberate yourself on the stage, to flirt with the audience where it is needed, to convince her of something through your music, performance.
  • To be in trend - to understand which topics are most relevant, interesting for listeners. It is very important to learn how to distinguish quality texts from superficial, frivolous, fake.

The first stages of learning

  • Learn the terminology of rap. This will allow us to further better understand the meaning of thematic sites, articles, magazines dedicated to this style of music.
  • Carefully study the work of recognized masters of the chosen direction of rap. In this case, it is advisable to read articles that describe the used MC technique, style of performance.
  • Write yourself a few exercises on the development of diction and devote a couple of hours a day to practice.
  • Learn to feel the rhythm. To do this, turn on rap and quietly repeat the words behind the performer, trying to get as close as possible to the tempo of the piece.
  • Having learned to clearly and quickly pronounce phrases of rapper poems to music, pay attention to the artistry of the song presentation. Work with facial expressions, gestures. Video tapes of famous MC performances will help here.
  • Learn the complex techniques of reading rap, which will make the performance truly professional and beautiful.

Rap tricks

Asking how to learn to read rap, you should pay special attention to the rhythm of reading texts.

So, venerable professionals are critical of Russian rap, as so-called “square” rhymes are often used in it. Under them is meant the imposition of the text clearly under certain areas of the backing track - that is, for each measure that consists of 4 bits, there are 4 lines of text. This technique is well suited for the development of beginners, but for professionals such a technique is inappropriate. Solid rap is the ability to make complex rhymes that begin or end a little earlier or later than the final beat in a beat. To do this, you will need to learn how to stretch or, conversely, “chop up” individual words, use other techniques.

  • Doubble Time and Fast-Flow.These are techniques in which the reading of text is 1.5, 2 or more times faster than the beat rhythm. In addition, you can somewhat speed up or slow down the reading of individual syllables of the word.
  • Tung Twist. This is a rather complicated technique, in which one or several syllables in a word are repeated several times.
  • Trioli This is a method of rap reading using Doubble Time / Fast-Flow, Tung Twist and other similar techniques that make reading broken and therefore more emotional and interesting.

The following techniques, which are already related to the mastery of creating texts, are also very adorable for reading rap:

  • Spelling. The use within the framework of the rhyme of not just sounding words, but bright expressions characteristic of modern rap, is a very special, “branded” pun.
  • PunchLine. By this term is meant the statement of the semantic emphasis on the final square phrase. As a rule, this is achieved by comparative turnover.

Tips for beginners rappers

  • Use different intonations when reading texts. Read on to the peak and then down. Or read the lines in waves. For example, one line is ascending, the other is descending.
  • Feel the tone of the music and try to emphasize it in rap. To do this, it is desirable to study at least the basic musical theory and consolidate it by listening to tracks with different tonalities.
  • Do not forget about the backing vocals, if you record the work. It will make the work even more colorful, atmospheric. For processing back-vocal entries it is convenient to use, in particular, Adobe Audition and Sound Forge programs.
  • Before the performance do the singing. To do this, take a low note and sing the letter “A” for a minute, as if you are at the therapist’s appointment, showing him his throat. Try to keep the sound smooth. After that, take a higher note and sing already "E". Then even higher - "and." After that, you need to take the sound below what was for "A", sing "O" and in the end even lower "U". In the end, you will spend only 5 minutes of time (one for each sound), but you will be well prepared for your performance.

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