How to safely and correctly buy products on the Internet?

In the age of modern digital technology, progress is advancing at an unbearable pace, and if some 20 years ago someone had said that most of the purchases that we used to make in specialized stores and supermarkets could be done without leaving home, would be considered frankly out of your mind. Like this?

Not to touch, not touch, not to talk personally with the seller, but to take, click on the picture you like, add it to the virtual “basket”, and in a couple of days get all you need by mail or in person?

Many purchases are a lot of fun

Recently, an increasing number of people, regardless of age and social status, are inclined to purchase goods via the Internet, if only five years ago such services were used by units, now the vast majority, at least once, but purchased goods online.

This is not surprising, because shopping in online stores have many undeniable advantages that confidently lure to their side even the most zealous followers of shopping.

Most of us have long noted that almost everything that is sold on the Internet is much cheaper than in the shops of the city, high-quality goods from various manufacturers can be purchased almost at wholesale prices, which allows the average consumer to save money.

This fact is not some kind of fraud or deception, it is easy to explain: the owner of an online store does not have to spend money on renting a room, hire a large staff who need to pay wages and pay taxes for them to the state, it turns out that the store owner loses more parts of the costs that form the final price of the goods.

Convenient and profitable

Plus, shopping on the Internet is a good time saver, because you don’t have to move from shop to shop, moving from one point of the city to another, looking for the right product, pushing in lines and standing at the box office are also not needed, because all the “movements” around the store you can do with a few mouse clicks.

Another good point: how many times did this happen when you go shopping, in the end, you buy everything you want, just not what was originally planned.When shopping in online stores, this probability is significantly reduced, a person purposefully looking for what he needs in a particular section.

But, with all the positive aspects, there are certain rules that it is important to know and take into account in order not to be misled with online purchases.

What is possible and what is not worth buying on the Internet?

Products and essential goods

The simplest and most important for a person is, of course, products. Now there is a fairly large number of sites, mostly “local”, which represent in their assortment not only food products, but also any other small things that are usually sold in supermarkets.

You can pay for goods in different ways

The convenience of such online purchases is that you do not have to spend your time going to the store, you can order everything you need in the morning, set a delivery time, and, for example, in the evening after work, the courier will deliver everything you need, you will only have to pay for the goods and shipping.

The only thing that can be upsetting is that it is not always possible to assess the freshness and quality of the products that have already been brought home.

Household appliances and electronics

In online stores you can order not only small items, but also fairly large and serious goods, household appliances and electronics are no exception. The whole world is at your disposal, no one bothers you to order a guitar from a foreign site or a refrigerator from the official site of its distributor, which will save you time and money, because on the Internet these goods will cost much cheaper.

The only thing to remember if you order goods from foreign sites, that you will be charged duty, the percentage of which varies depending on the policy of the state. Also, pay attention to the cost of delivery, which may vary depending on the distance of your location from the place of purchase, as well as the weight of the goods themselves.

Clothes and shoes

It is strange at first glance, but it is very reasonable and logical to buy clothes and shoes on the Internet, because only there you can buy those models and brands that you cannot buy even in the largest city of our country.

Women love shopping

We are talking about clothes from abroad, there are a large number of online stores that provide a catalog of products of famous fashion houses at discounted prices, you can find interesting, fashionable and stylish models at a very reasonable price.

However, there is only one problem: sometimes the cost of delivery may be greater than the cost of the thing itself, and then the expediency of such a purchase disappears.

For such purposes, a whole new direction appeared - joint purchases - those wishing to purchase this or that thing are grouped together and order a whole batch of goods at wholesale prices. The fact is that on some foreign, and sometimes on local sites, there is a restriction on the purchase of goods, for example, you can buy only a whole series of one type of jackets, but different sizes, or a whole package of tights, the number of which can be dozens of pieces.

Naturally, one person to buy 5 jackets of the same color, but different size is not needed, but if you collect 5 people, each of which needed a certain size, then everything becomes real.

For these purposes, sellers get special sites or pages on forums, in social networks, where they collect customers for goods. Usually, you have to make an advance payment, and sometimes you need to wait for delivery, from several days to a month, it all depends on the speed of collection, the so-called "growth", as well as the supplier itself.

Those who do not trust this way of working, there are shops where you can order the goods you like, and pay after receiving it to the courier service. However, there are other methods of payment, for example, payment by plastic card, where you have to enter your card number and pin code to it, in order to write off a certain amount of money from it.

Of course, this method is associated with a certain risk of falling into the hands of fraudsters who will take advantage of your data for malicious purposes.

How to protect yourself from this?

  • Carefully choose a site to make a purchase: it’s better if your acquaintances or friends already ordered some goods on it, read reviews about a particular store, and not on the store’s website, but on third-party resources. The security of making purchases on a particular site can say its high ranking in the search engines.
  • Pay due attention to the appearance of the resource, it should be filled with up-to-date information, well-designed, and also contain contact information, which specifies the address, e-mail and phone numbers where you can contact the store.
  • Pay attention to the warranty provided by the store or supplier of goods (as in the case of household appliances or electrical engineering), and also find on the website how and in what time it is possible to return the goods if you did not like it or did not fit in some parameters .
  • If you are going to pay by card, then be sure to follow the payment system used on the site, PayPal is considered the most reliable and secure. Even better, do not pay for your purchases with your primary card, but create a separate credit card, to which periodically transfer the amount of money you intend to spend on the purchase.
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