How to save memory?

​​Human Memory striking in its uniqueness. This is a property of the human brain that records, stores and, if necessary, reproduces information. There are several theories of memory. Nobody can yet understand how the human brain can absorb and remember information in huge quantities. Each person uses his own method of memorization. Scientists have proven that some ways to enhance memory are quite effective.

​​By properties memory, people can be divided into several groups. Some remember what they saw, the second - heard, the third - written. Accordingly, the memory can be visual, auditory and motor. According to studies of the temporal characteristics of memory, it is possible to divide memory into immediate, operational, and long-term. A person may remember some information for a very small amount of time, and something has been kept in memory for many, many years.


​​Gain or weaken memory contribute to a variety of factors. The first of these is considered how important the information is. The most important information a person remembers very quickly.

​​Hormones are very Strongly affect memory. A woman's memory worsens with a decrease in estrogen level during menopause or in the presence of gynecological disease. Medical studies show that thyroid hormone affects the process of memorization. With a slight decrease in the level of these hormones, memory loss may occur. In order for the thyroid hormones to be produced in sufficient quantities, it is necessary to use drugs containing zinc, iodine and vitamin B2.

​​For reinforcement memory you need to eat rationally. The intake of certain substances into the body accelerates and stimulates the biochemical processes that occur in brain cells.

​​With a drawback iron is broken attention. Sufficient iron in beef and mutton. Dried fruits, beans and green vegetables also contain iron. Vitamin C promotes the absorption of iron in the human body.

​​With a small Iodine deficiency in the body begins serious violations. By adding iodized salt to food, you can restore iodine deficiency.

There are a lot of ways to improve memory. Choose any. You can draw a memory card, solve crossword puzzles, scanwords (you can train your memory on the site, puzzles, puzzles, memorize poems. To stimulate the memory you can travel. Give up bad habits, lead an active lifestyle, play sports, eat properly, so that the memory is preserved for many years.

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