How to save the harvest of sweet cherries?

How to save the harvest of sweet cherries?

How to save the harvest of sweet cherries?

Many owners of garden and dacha plots know firsthand the problem of low yields of sweet cherries, cherries and shadberries. This is not only a matter of climatic conditions or characteristics of a particular variety. The most common causes of reduced yields are non-compliance with the rules of agricultural engineering and insufficient measures to control pests and diseases.


In the spring, recurrent frosts often occur, which also reduce the yield to some extent, since the flower buds die at negative temperatures. At the same time, the resistance of the stone fruits to frosts can be increased if nitrogen fertilizers are not used later than mid-June. In addition, in the summer it is desirable to spray trees with growth regulators or fungicides that increase disease resistance and, as a result, frost resistance.


With regard to bird control, there are a number of fairly effective ways to save not only the cherry, but also cherry, sea buckthorn, and irgu from the invasion of thrushes, starlings, jays and sparrows.The device generates an alarm signal issued by birds in case of danger, thereby frightening individuals from landing. Some devices emit ultrasonic signals, which are also able to easily banish all members of the avian family, including not only sparrows but also larger individuals.


Folk methods of fighting birds



As a scarer of birds, various rustling and shiny objects are often used, for example, Christmas-tree tinsel or foil, shiny CDs, and reflective tapes. Some gardeners wrap the crown of the tree with ordinary bobbin threads, wrap the trees with viscose mesh, throw covering material on top of the trees or tape, attaching it to the branches with clothespins.


Another original and effective scarer of birds is the fishing net. If the tree is separately standing and tall, the net is thrown on top of it. If there are a lot of trees and they are not very high, it is advisable to dig poles between them with a height not exceeding the height of the trees, then make a trellis from wire, on which they throw nets, covering them with planting.


A beautiful garden scarecrow, dressed in colorful clothes, can also provide protection from birds, but only for a while. As practice shows, modern birds quickly get used to the scarecrow, and to rustling objects, and ravens, jackdaws and doctors in general are not afraid of the garden stuffed animal. Some gardeners practice such a method as scaring with the body of a bird suspended in the garden. This method, though effective, is completely inhuman. It is especially not recommended to use it if there are small children in the family.


Most popular methods require devices of various devices and structures that do not always look appropriate in the garden. The most convenient to use after all is an ultrasonic bird repeller, which copes with its task perfectly, while being absolutely safe for human health.

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