How to say beautiful compliments to a girl, ready phrases

Everyone knows that it is accepted to say compliments to girls always and everywhere, in fact, this is an immutable rule. However, not everyone knows that if you overfeed it with praises, the effect runs the risk of being completely reversed, you will forever stick a sign on the little sneak and flatterer, and your further courtesy will cause suspicion or ridicule. On the topic read the article how to learn to flirt with girls, it will help to better feel the situation.

How to say beautiful compliments to a girl, ready phrases

How to say compliments right?

The main thing is to find a middle ground, because a lot of the best and beautiful compliments to a girl are obviously too much, but their almost complete absence is also not the best approach.

Is there an ideal compliment to the girl, suitable for everyone, relevant in all cases and always causing only positive emotions? Of course no. But why not try to design it,or at least eliminate the likelihood of a negative reaction? First of all, it should be open and sincere, without any signs of ingratiation. The girl will receive a lot of pleasure from the praise of a self-confident person, it sounds more natural. If, with the help of compliments, to try to achieve something from her, she will probably very quickly see through your game, and nothing will work out for you.

Let the compliment bring benefits to you.

How to say beautiful compliments to a girl, ready phrases

The girl will be impressed by the words of approval, spoken correctly and on time. Pay attention to those of her features and features (makeup, hair, clothes), over which she worked, carefully thinking through and making a lot of effort, as well as those that other guys do not notice.

Does she have an unusual hairstyle? Or maybe she bought a graceful brooch? Be observant, get the appropriate topic and compliment the girl about this. And do not forget about the smile! If you can not think of anything, admire her energy, will power. It is important to remember that it is better to adhere to a calm tone, sometimes somewhat playful, and as for the intention to please - eliminate it.

Is your voice not convincing? Well, I'll have to work on this a little. You do not want to compliment the girl from your mouth sounded fake?

Should I praise the beauty of the girls, their external data? Many people do, but this is not the right tactic. For example, such words are absolutely useless to real beauties. They already know about their attractiveness, and they hear such compliments every day. You will be remembered as another dull fan. So why try in vain?

The spontaneity of a good compliment to the girl is the key to success.

Expressing approval and trying to praise, your chances to please the girl will increase significantly if everything is said unobtrusively, as if by chance.

Best beautiful compliments to the girl

The best and beautiful compliments to the girl still need to be able to speak, so that it does not look naive and is not natural.

What should I do? Make just one compliment to the girl (do not try to continue) about her charming outfit or hairstyle, and immediately move on to another topic, distract the girl in every possible way. No need to demonstrate that you are in a wild delight.

How to make a compliment to the girl correctly.

The most effective compliment for the girl will be the one that you immediately slightly refute, making it clear that, in general, everything is fine, but still not perfect. Let's say, “I can't stop looking at your amazing smile! True, I just noticed that a speck stuck to your lip, it is right here (remove a non-existent speck) ”. It turns out that at the same time you praise one or another of its features and say that there is still something to work on, pointing to a minor flaw. However, remember that you can not overdo it. For example, your phrase: “You have an extraordinary hairstyle, but I am sure that it has long gone out of fashion”, is unlikely to be successful.

A curious fact: it is best to speak in the right ear. But do not think that you need to whisper something right in your ear, just be aware that when you are going to give the girl a compliment, or to have something to talk with her, try to sit down so that most of the information is perceived not by the left, but right ear.

How to say beautiful compliments to a girl, ready phrases

In spite of everything, it is important to remember the main rule - the girl needs to make beautiful compliments unobtrusively and naturally. And if the girl does not agree with your words, do not try to dissuade her from the opposite, know how to retreat nicely.Feeling that the pre-prepared compliment is likely to sound pitiful and put you in an awkward position, or you seem to be ingratiated and needy - leave it with you.

Ready list of beautiful compliments to the girl.

And finally, some of the most interesting examples of compliments for a girl are offered to your attention. After reading them, you will enrich your knowledge and you will not be left “without weapons”, and you may have your own ideas. Read on the topic of the article how to please a girl and how to meet a girl on the street for general development, maybe you can get something new, because with some compliments you can not cope, but the list of compliments for a girl:

  1. “I didn’t mean to say that you are the best. In fact, this is the other worse than you. ”
  2. "Happiness? It's in front of my eyes! "
  3. “It’s just incredible, your opinions and opinions are even better than those of my mother!”
  4. “If you compare the present Miss of the world with you, she is definitely losing!”
  5. “I am overcome with fierce hatred because I adore you so much.”
  6. “I saw you before ... Perhaps you dreamed of me.”
  7. “Today you look different and I like this change ... Wait a minute,yes you are not made up, that's it! "
  8. “I could not help falling in love with your sunshine: with those perky freckles and a carefree smile.”
  9. “What kind of dragon do I need to fight to conquer such a fairy princess?”
  10. "If I was born a girl, I would like to look just like you."
  11. "Looking at you, I realized why your spouse always hurries home ..."
  12. "With such an aristocratic profile and languid cheekbones, like yours, you should pose for the artist."
  13. "Even the petal of the May Rose is not so soft and velvety as your skin."
  14. "How did it happen that I completely forgot where I was going to go? Exactly, I saw you and could not resist such a wondrous beauty. ”
  15. "I'm delighted with your costume, very lucky cut!"
  16. "I know why you are completely confident in yourself - otherwise it can not be, you are amazingly beautiful, intelligent, energetic, sensual and kind ..."
  17. “I can’t believe your culinary skills are significantly superior to mother’s!”
  18. “Girl, I admired you all along the way. It was worthwhile to see you, as I immediately forgot all the problems, and I want to thank you for this. "
  19. “I beg your pardon, but what model agency do you represent?”
  20. "It's unbearable, I can not be near you! I am blind and dumb with your beauty. ”

Compliments of the girl to the photo

Find out from the list below what beautiful compliments a girl can make to her photo (for example, VKontakte or classmates):

  • Your photo is so beautiful that I wanted to paste over the whole world to it!
  • Your photo can hit any man ... you are the best model!
  • Photo - just a bomb. Charming and beautiful ... you're like a painting on canvas.

The most important thing is that your words sound sincere and sincere, and the girl will appreciate it.

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