How to send a free message to Beeline from Beeline number

Connect to a specific tariff package to be able to send for freemessageonBeeline. Some assume there are a certain number of free short messages that you can send within the network. These messages can also serve as a bonus, which is often charged to subscribers connected to a mobile operator on a contractual basis with a fixed monthly fee. One way or another, consult the nearest branch of the company.Beelinewhich package you need to purchase in order to be able to send free messages monthly toBeeline.
You can use the service “Call me back”. It will suit you if in this case the content of the message is not important to you, and the main goal is to somehow contact this or that person.You can send sms toBeelineis free. It will include a request to contact you. Please note that the number of free messages of this kind is limited by the daily limit, which is restored the next day, and you can use this service again.
If you have already spent all free messages and you do not have money in your mobile phone account to send a paid one, but you can access the Internet from a stationary computer, use the service of sending free messages toBeelinefrom the official website of the company.
To do this, you just need to go to the official website of the company, specify the region in which you are located. Then in the appropriate box enter the number of the subscriber to whom you want to send freemessage. Next, enter the text of the message itself and the characters in the image - a kind of protection from spamming. A shortmessagewill be delivered to the subscriberBeelinein the shortest possible time.

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