How to set up a PDA to access the Internet

Such settings are provided by the telecom operator Megafon. To order automatic Internet settings, company subscribers must use one of two numbers. If you make a call from a mobile phone, you need to dial the short number 0500. If you need to call from a landline, then use the number 5025500. Megaphone customers can also visit the customer support office or the communication salon at any convenient time. The consultant activates and configures all services of interest to you.
However, ordering Internet settings in MegaFon is possible in another way. For this, all subscribers are given the number 5049 (only for sending SMS messages). The text of such SMS should contain the number 1. By the way, the specified number allows you to receive not only Internet settings, but also WAP, as well as MMS. To order them, replace in the message number 1 with a deuce or a trio, respectively. The following two numbers also serve to order the automatic settings.These are 05190 and 05049.
If you are a customer of MTS, then in order to obtain Internet settings you will need to dial the toll-free number 0876. In addition, at any time you can visit the official website of the telecommunications operator. On it in a special section you will find a request form that you need to fill out and send. Internet connection in MTS is provided free of charge, the subscriber will pay only for downloadable traffic.
Beeline subscribers need to use USSD-number * 110 * 181 # or * 110 * 111 # to connect the Internet connection on the phone. After sending the request to the operator, you should turn off your mobile device for two or three minutes. This will log you back online, and the resulting automatic settings will be activated.

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