How to sew a skirt with their own hands

How to sew a skirt with their own hands

How to sew a skirt with their own hands

“Sun” is a wide skirt of a free cut, which, if spread out on a horizontal surface, forms a circle. In the last decade, such skirts were usually worn by children, but since vintage came into vogue, sun skirts have become popular among adult girls and women. Loose skirts, no matter how long they are, can look stylish for any shape and age.


Fabrics for them use a variety of, but preference is given to light and bright. This is a very summer style for the skirt.


Skirt-sun for girls do it yourself


It can be cut out in several ways, but in any case you will need it for sewing:


  • the cloth;
  • tape measure;
  • chalk and scissors.


Method one - a circle


1. Measure waist circumference or hip girth - whichever skirt you want, on the hips or at the waist. Classics, of course, is considered an option at the waist, and that it is suitable for the child.
2. Choose the length (ideal - a couple of centimeters above the knee).
3. Take the cloth. Best of all, if it is square.
4.Fold it inside out twice (get a small square).
5. Now draw small, as in the pattern, two curves. The first, the one that is closer to the center, is calculated from the waist circumference. If you want a skirt with an elastic band, add 5 cm to this number and divide by 6.28 (double number pi, a constant of any radius, because our skirt in the pattern is built on circles).
Measure the obtained number of centimeters on one and the second side of the square from the center, and then connect with a small smooth arc.
6. Now draw the bottom of the skirt. To do this, add to the first figure the length of the skirt, and measure, in the same way, from the center on each side this distance.
Do not forget about the seam allowances (approximately 0.5 cm in both arcs). If you want to make a slightly flared skirt, the width of the bend will be very important - the flared will be the more noticeable and correct, the smaller the bend.
7. Cut the fabric straight across the square. A bit like a paper snowflake, right?
8. Sew the gum into the top and fold in the bottom.


How to sew a skirt with their own hands


Method Two - Wedges


This method is well suited if you want to make a skirt with a geometric pattern, and you only have a fabric with one type of strips.You will also need a lining.


1. Make the same measurements and calculations as in the first case. Count also the circumference of the skirt.
2. Divide the width of the future skirt (around the circumference) into strips and cut them out of the fabric.
4. Sew together two to each other, making up the pattern you need, repeating on each pair.
5. This stitched piece is 1/8 of the sun skirt. You need to turn it into a wedge, based on the circumference of the skirt. Fold and cut too much.
6. Spread all the wedges in a circle, attach a circular lining (cut out according to the usual pattern) and sew together with each other and with a lining.
7. It remains to make a belt in which the elastic band will be inserted. Open up another strip of fabric, and then sew it off against the top of the skirt. Thread the elastic and sew the belt.


Skirt-sun for a girl: how to wear


The opinion that the skirt sun always looks childish is wrong. Previously, it could be worn by everyone. Just pick the right skirt and all the other clothes for such a vintage look.


Try to choose a skirt with a wide belt, if this is an option at the waist. In general, the option at the waist looks better than the hips, this model.
Choose short tops or non-elongated blouses.Try not to cover the high belt of the skirt (or be under it).


Both monophonic skirts and skirts with prints (preferably small and repetitive, like a pattern) will do.


Particularly suitable for alongside accessories on chains of medium length.

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