How to shoot GTA (GTA)?

Vladimir Kulinich
Vladimir Kulinich
March 4, 2013
How to shoot GTA (GTA)?

Everyone knows the popular game GTA. How to shoot at the GTA, our article will tell.

In order to shoot out of the car in this game, you must press the "Q" key while sitting behind the wheel. After this shooting will be done without aiming to the left. You can also press the "E" key, then you will shoot to the right.

If you want to aim, then you must enter the code "OUIQDMW", then when shooting, you will see the target.

You can also install so-called scripts that will help discover new functionality in this game, including the management of the character itself. For example, the script СLEO 4, which is common among fans of GTA. It is made as an automatic installer. To install it, you need to run it and follow the instructions. The script in its work uses three files: vorbishooked.dll, vorbisFile.dll, cleo.asi. The sound library is already "embedded" in this installer.

Now you know how to shoot GTA San Andreas in other games of this series!

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