How to spend the weekend: where to go for a few days

How to spend the weekend: where to go for a few days

How to spend the weekend: where to go for a few days

Weekends are a great time when you can have a good rest from work and various worries. Each person spends the weekend in different ways: someone wants to sleep, to recharge energy and gain strength for the next week, someone does not think a day off without outdoor activities and goes on a fishing trip or a picnic.


All people rest in their own way, but sometimes it is worth thinking: does the rest I choose myself bring me pleasure? Most people still spend the weekend monotonous and boring. In this article you will learn what to do on weekends or in your free time, and for the most part the subject will concern short-term trips to other countries!


Abroad for the weekend? It's real!


Spend your long-awaited weekend no worse vacation, and perhaps much better! If you live in the western part of Russia, in Belarus or Ukraine, you are more likely to see foreign countries within two to three days. But even if you live in Siberia or in the Urals - it does not matter.You can also arrange an unforgettable vacation, if you follow some simple recommendations.


With the presence of the Internet, it is now possible to save on travel: last minute trips, cheap low cost flights, booking cheap hotels and student hostels via the Internet - all this saves a considerable amount of money! In addition, independent travel is a very interesting experience, which certainly will not leave you indifferent. Which countries can be visited in a few days, we will tell you right now.


Romance on weekends


1. Paris (France). To fly for a couple of days to the romantic capital of the world with a loved one - what could be better? This time will be quite enough to visit the Eiffel Tower, stroll through the Champs Elysees and explore a number of other iconic places in Paris. On the Internet you can always find interesting low-cost offers from airlines, in particular, flights Moscow-Paris or Petersburg-Paris. To enter the European countries, of course, a Schengen visa is required, but it is not as difficult to arrange it as it may seem at first glance.


2Rome is a no less romantic city in which a couple of people in love with each other can spend a couple of unforgettable days. Perhaps, you will not have time to examine a tenth of all the sights of the Italian capital, but you will be able to visit besides Rome and Venice, promising yourself to return to these fabulous places by all means.


How to spend the weekend: where to go for a few days


Ideal weekend for lovers of delicious alcoholic beverages


1. Prague or Munich. The Czech capital is always ready to receive tourists and give them a fresh, tasty beer. Prague is also famous for its excellent cuisine. Is it worth talking about beautiful old buildings and structures? Everything here is beautiful and attracts with its grandeur. German Munich is a good beer alternative to the Czech capital. To try this Bavarian beer with the famous sausages - the goal of any gourmet and lover of intoxicating drink.


2. Not all people are beer fans, so if you prefer wine, then your choice is the French city of Bordeaux or the Italian province of Tuscany. Here you will find excursions to vineyards and wine cellars, and, of course, tasting the best local wines.


Weekends within the CIS countries and Russia


In the case when all of the above options currently do not fit into your budget, one way or another you can make yourself a great weekend by traveling to another city or to one of the neighboring countries. This could be a Latvian Riga or Estonian Tallinn, a trip to Finland or Poland, a rest on the Ukrainian Black Sea coast, or a trip to the Carpathians. Where to spend the weekend, the choice is yours!

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