How to surprise a girl? Tips for all occasions

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Most guys put considerable effort to conquer and keep the young lady they like. They use different techniques, but not all work. Girls are individual, therefore, the resulting effect does not always meet expectations. What impressed one person can cause a negative on the part of the other. However, there is a reliable way to achieve the desired, which acts absolutely on everyone. To do this, you need to think about how to surprise a girl. An unexpected action or situation will expose her emotions and allow her to take a closer look at the person next door.

How to surprise a girl without money?

The urgent question for guys who have not yet left school or college age, or are experiencing temporary difficulties with finances, is how to surprise a girl without money. By connecting the imagination and sense of humor, you can do without material costs.At least they will be insignificant. Consider several options from an infinite number of ideas.

How to surprise a girl? Tips for all occasions

Create a gift with your own hands. It could be anything: a toy, a picture, an appliqué, a verse of his own composition, or a recording of a song. The main thing is that to surprise a girl with a gift will turn out only if a piece of spiritual warmth is invested in it.
Visit a beautiful or original place. In each settlement there are romantic parks, the roofs of abandoned buildings, the shore of the reservoir and other wonderful sites that the beloved has not yet visited. It should be delivered there in a mysterious way, for example, blindfolded.
Surprise the girl in the correspondence. Young people constantly use gadgets, communicating in social networks, on forums and through mobile applications. Epistolary genre helps to express their feelings deeper and brighter, as well as provide words with pictures, emoticons, music and clips. Therefore, it is worth taking this opportunity to surprise the girl on VKontakte or SMS.
Have a romantic dinner at home. This method requires some expenditure, but you can always do with snacks and fruits.You just need to carefully place the dishes and appliances on the table, turn on pleasant music, light candles and turn off the lights.

Given the nature of the girl, you can come up with other original surprises that do not require a lot of money. A loved one will certainly appreciate the desire to please her even in financially difficult times.

How to surprise a girl in the distance?

Another difficult situation is when you have to spend some time at a distance from each other. This can be study, vacation, business trip or any other occasion. Communication on the Internet and the phone does not replace live communication, and everyday calls cease to be surprises. How to surprise a girl in the distance? It is possible, whether in love for a hundred kilometers or on another continent - it does not matter!

Prepare a surprise in advance. If you know the exact date of departure, then you can hide in the apartment of the girl a nice gift, a card or a love note. You just need to find out where she will not look before leaving, but will definitely find a surprise later. If the beloved is leaving - the same kickshift should be put in her suitcase, pocket or bag.
Order delivery by courier.In each city there are services for the delivery of flowers, toys, jewelry and exotic food. Most of them accept payment by credit card and do not require the personal presence of the customer. Why not pamper the girl? Only in advance it is better to clarify whether it is convenient for her to be at home during this period.
Order a banner on the billboard. Advertising agencies know which places in the city are gaining the most views. And here with success will be placed not only advertising, but also recognition of his girlfriend or a wish addressed to her. It is better to choose a billboard, by which it passes or passes every day. Payment is made electronically, and the agency staff will take care of the design and placement.
Write a letter. Yes, yes, a classic paper letter describing thoughts, feelings and emotions. You need to pack it in an envelope and send it by mail. The only caveat - it should be borne in mind that letters reach the addressee for a long time, therefore this method is suitable for separations that last longer than a couple of weeks. Expedited option - registered letter.

How to surprise a girl? Tips for all occasions

Even at a distance, the freshness of feelings remains, if you show a little creativity and find a way to please your beloved. And on the way back it is worth thinking about how to surprise a girl at the meeting.

How to surprise a girl on a holiday?

Holidays are constantly present in the lives of lovers. Each of them becomes an occasion to please each other and spend this day together. Over time, the same gifts for the holidays are no longer surprises, although they cause pleasant emotions. Even luxurious bouquets of flowers, ordered in the best boutiques, no longer evoke in the eyes of their beloved old glitter. And on the eve of a joyful day, there are no thoughts left except to surprise the girl for the holiday. If you approach the issue with full responsibility, then it is possible. It should be repelled not only from the tastes and preferences of the young lady, but also from the calendar date to which the surprise is dedicated.

Couples in love celebrate the day of dating, first date, kiss or recognition. This intimate holiday for two can be turned into a fascinating day, if you try to exactly reproduce the momentous event. Make an appointment in a memorable place, where she happened a few years ago, watch the same movie or feast on a similar dessert. Here just memories will come in handy on how to surprise a girl on the first date. Some creative personalities play on a given topic: “forget” about close relationships and get to know each other again.They ask questions, find out the usual partner on the other hand, be afraid to touch and tenderly hold hands. Such an approach is able to refresh the relationship even a long-established couple.

Require attention and other common dates. How can you surprise a girl on February 14 or March 8? Congratulations on Christmas or the first day of spring? Even if nothing remarkable had been planned for this day, it is worth starting it with a cup of coffee in bed, with a lovingly prepared breakfast and, albeit a single, but luxurious rose. You can hide cute presents in the house and organize an exciting game in the style of "quest". Or do something on which on a weekday there is neither strength nor time. Go to a museum or a zoo, visit a fashion exhibition, have a picnic in nature.

How to surprise a girl on her birthday?

Most of all I want to surprise the girl for her birthday, especially if it is planned to spend a holiday only together. A positive impression can be made if you reserve a table in her favorite cafe or restaurant. If you have enough money, you should think about the original and status institution: on the roof of a skyscraper, in the pool and so on.Romantic continuation of a pleasant evening will be a luxurious hotel room. Also for this day, a short trip to nearby cities, historical places or resorts will suit. The trip can be long - it depends on the free time of both lovers.

A great idea is to book a walk around the city in a limousine or carriage, especially in the evening. Bright lights, a festive mood and a favorite dessert, which is easy to take with you, will provide pleasant memories. If the girl likes extreme, you can go even further. How about jumping with a parachute, flying a balloon or helicopter, riding a motorcycle, zorbing or slalom on a snowboard? To surprise a friend, the approach to the amusement park is also suitable. Only the tickets need to be taken in advance and not tell the girl what exactly she will experience.

If the girl is sociable, she certainly will like the idea to collect for the celebration of friends and relatives. This is done secretly from her, and on the appointed day, when under good pretense the hero of the occasion appears in the right place, she is greeted by relatives with posters, balloons and flowers.A storm of emotions will be provided, and the evening will be bright and unforgettable. It is necessary to prepare an unusual gift, which the beloved has long dreamed of. For example, a kitten or puppy, a fashionable gadget, photography courses, a trip to a resort or a massage course.

How to surprise your girlfriend in daily life?

Stable established couples with a slight sadness recall the candy-bouquet period. Unfortunately, with time, thrill and enthusiasm disappear, although love and respect are preserved. To get rid of the routine and brighten up the boring gray days, it is sometimes worth thinking about how to surprise your girlfriend. After all, nothing brings diversity to a measured life like actions that cause sincere amazement and an influx of positive emotions.

Take over the household chores. If lovers live together - and this is common everywhere - then surely the girl is already tired of the hassle of homework. You can arrange a genuine surprise by arranging an unplanned cleaning in her absence, stroking a pile of laundry or throwing away the accumulated trash.

Prepare dinner for her arrival. As an option - breakfast to her awakening. There is nothing more romantic than a man at the stove.And let the dish turn out to be a little different from the one on the picture on the Internet, because the main thing is the desire to please. To do this, you need to buy food in advance and study the recipes, and after cooking it is nice to set the table.
A gift especially for her. Every person wants to have their own intimate zone, in which they feel comfortable and protected. The creation of such a space is facilitated by objects that are exclusively for personal use. The girl who loves to read in solitude, suitable chair cushion or a cozy blanket with sleeves. If she prefers to play or work at the computer, then the thematic surprise will be a personal mouse or funny headphones. Even a tea cup, decorated with a pattern that was created specifically for the beloved, will be the most adorable object in the house.
Arrange a romantic spa. Fill the bath with warm water with foam or rose petals, pour a glass of champagne, and then make a pleasant massage. This alone can only please, and if we go further ... However, every guy himself knows how to surprise a girl in bed.

How to surprise a girl? Tips for all occasions

Home, family, work ... Such a model of life is not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure of seeing the amazed and enthusiastic eyes of a surprised girl.To give a holiday, if not every day, then at least a couple of times a month, is the direct responsibility of every man who wants to make his girlfriend happy.

At the end of the conversation I want to say that this is not a complete list of reasons for surprise and ways to surprise. The more an individual, freshly thoughtful, created for only one particular couple is invested in relationships, the happier the lovers are and the brighter their eyes shine.

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