How to take reduxin?

Elena Alekseeva
Elena Alekseeva
October 13, 2014
How to take reduxin?

Reduxin is a drug that is used in the fight against obesity. The main action that it has is to affect the area of ​​the brain that is responsible for the appearance of a feeling of fullness.

Reduxin is used together with a special diet and exercise. All this together helps to achieve and maintain the optimal weight for a particular person.

Reduxin during pregnancy

Currently, there is not enough information about the safety effects of Reduxin on the fetus during pregnancy, because the drug is contraindicated for lactating and pregnant women. During reception of a reduksin, women of childbearing age should use contraceptives.

How to take reduxin

The drug comes in the form of small capsules that are taken orally during meals or regardless of food intake once a day. It is advisable to do this at the same time in order not to miss the next capsule intake.

It is important to carefully follow the instructions of the doctor, without increasing or decreasing the dose. It is also impossible to prolong the medication alone.

In some cases, reduxin can be addictive, so everything must be done according to the instructions.

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