How to tie a girl?

How to tie a girl?

How to tie a girl?

Bondage, or in another way, tying, is the simplest kind of sadomasochism. In French, sexual chaining is called “ligottage” (from the word ligotage, slavery or dependence). Many people believe that tying a partner in sex is a very exciting thing, but they are afraid to try. And, by the way, for a man to look at his charming captive causes an unusual surge of arousal, and for a woman the lack of the ability to move can entail a wonderful experience of getting a gradual orgasm.



How to properly tie a girl




Some time beforehow to tie a girlfor the first time, it is necessary to learn bondage sex, since the initial attempts of amateurs can lead to considerable pain, convulsions, and as a result, erection and, in general, any sexual arousal will be lost. The first thing you need to be able to do beforetie the hands of his girlfriend(or other parts of the body), it is able to distinguish the protest due to the reason and, the truth, an uncomfortable position (due to a cramp, an uncomfortably tucked hand) from a weak indignation in a state of ecstasy.If a girl accompanied by tears and profanity says that you should untie her and call an ambulance - it means that you are mistaken or have missed something. It is better to think up a code word for yourself, which means stopping all actions because of too much pain or unwillingness of your partner. And read the article how to give pleasure to a woman.


So, let's figure out how to properly connect the girl with a minimum of discomfort and damage.


One of the methods of binding, which is commonly called "brothel", involves tying all the legs and hands of the girl to each leg of the bed. Under the hips of the girl is best to put one or two pillows for greater convenience. For this type of binding does not require a special dexterity, but many such an extended posture does not achieve a peak of pleasure. For this reason, there are other ways: Spread legs and arms tightly tied behind your back, tying to a pole or chair, and so on.


Japanese is very popularsexual binding methodwhich is called shibari. The object of shibaria is always young beautiful girls, this practice is very popular in the art of photography. There are 2 types of shibari:

  • Karada (cord tied in the form of a grid torso);
  • Shinjiu (a cord is tied around his chest, which resembles a bra from a rope).


The main points for binding, thereby increasing sexual desire:

  • Wrists;
  • Elbows (however, do not force them behind the back of a girl, you can break them);
  • Ankles;
  • Big fingers and toes;
  • Soles of the feet.
  • What to bind


In terms of choosing the material to be tied up, all lovers of hard and soft BDSM will act according to their taste: elastic bands, leather laces, rags from clothes, soft rope, silk cords - everything will do. Some original subjects may use real straitjackets to get a bigger entourage, so everything will fit. Someone will use rough chains, shackles or handcuffs, but in this case, of course, you need to make sure that iron cannot cause infections or skin allergies. In addition, rigid clamps will not create the necessary compression, it is very inconvenient to lie on them, and in emergency cases they cannot always be quickly opened. You can even tie a girl with a plaster or scotch, but then it will be completely unpleasant to tear off the adhesive tape from her.



Extra mating




In addition to tying the legs, hands, chest and chest, many hard-sex advocates can tie their partner's mouth and eyes. But if the girl's eyes can be tied with any scarf that comes to hand, then with the mouth you have to be very careful. First, you need to take care of the purity of what you plan to put in your mouth to your captive. Do not in any case hurry to shove between her teeth a rag soaked in pesticides or a ball of rubber, which until then had been misunderstood where. Only practical and clean! Secondly, do not completely deprive the girl of the opportunity to speak, the girl should always be able to give a sign if something went wrong. Let it be, for example, a triple tap with a free fist, or moaning or pohryukivanie with the help of the Morse code, but the conventional sign should always be. Also, do not tie anything around your neck, even if she asks you to. If she so desires this, then lightly strangle her with her hand, but there should not be any cords around her neck!


If we talk about hanging the bound girl, then only the true masters of BDSM do it.Properly fix your partner, and then also lift her on hooks or some other installation in such a way that there is no danger to the limbs or organs - this must be learned. Also, for the sake of your own safety, it is not worth practicing such a BDSM method with unfamiliar people or the topic of being drunk. Also, you can not leave your partner for more than 20 minutes.


If you want to see clearly,how to tie a woman videoshowing a master class on how to do this will provide you with this opportunity.

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