How to transfer a table to Excel?

Irina Cheverda
Irina Cheverda
October 2, 2014
How to transfer a table to Excel?

Excel offers a wide range of possibilities for working with various data: tables, graphs, charts, etc. Below we describe how to work with the tables.

How to transfer a table to Excel?

In Excel, there is the concept of worksheets. To transfer a table to a new sheet:

  1. Select table;
  2. Find the "Parameters" tab and select the "Actions" item, then click on the "Move pivot table" button;
  3. In the window that appears, the program will offer options for where to transfer the table:
    • when selecting "New sheet" - the table will be transferred to a new sheet;
    • when selecting "On existing sheet" - the table will be located on the existing sheet.

You can also copy (using the key combination Ctrl + C) or cut (Ctrl + X) the table on one sheet, and paste it into a new sheet using hot keys (Ctrl + V).

How to transfer a table to Excel from Word?

  1. In the Word document we select the entire table.
  2. Press Ctrl + C, thus copying the table to the clipboard.
  3. Open the required sheet in Excel, select the upper left corner of the area in which we want to insert the table.
  4. Paste the copied table into Excel using the key combination Ctrl + V.
  5. If you need to format the table, you can use the "Insert Options" button. The cell formatting options will open. To preserve the formatting of a Word table, you need to click the same button and select "Save Original Formatting".

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