How to transport bees

You will need
  • - tow;
  • - nails;
  • - smoke;
  • - protective mesh.
Prepare the bees for transportation. The main preparatory activities should be carried out on the evening before the day of the move. Relieve beehives by removing warming pads from them, heavy honeycombs with honey and nectar and body building. During transport, they can break off and pin down the bees, causing massive injuries and death, so it is best to take care that the weight of each hive is minimal. All parts of the hive should be tightly connected to each other. If there are gaps, caulk them as carefully as possible so that the bees cannot leave the hive through them. Fix the shells with special clips or bars, and between the spaces inside the hive, install frames with separators that will prevent the chaotic movement of empty frames during the move. After the bees return to the hive for the night, close the tap-hole tightly and, if necessary, nail it.
Provide your bees the opportunity to move the carriage in a more comfortable environment. The most common cause of death of bees when wandering is steaming.Due to the increase in temperature in the family, the humidity also increases. Bees become wet and fall to the bottom of the hive. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to provide adequate ventilation while the vehicle is moving. Instead of a lid, place a ventilation grill on the hive, and if it is not there, install an additional section or a fender, and a loose burlap on top of it. When the temperature inside rises, the bees will begin to accumulate in the upper part of the hive to wait out the unfavorable period.
Arrange the apiary in a new place and try to provide the bees with the most comfortable period of rehabilitation after the move. Arrange the hives among the bushes and small trees so that the bees have a source of shadow and the ability to navigate the terrain. In the event that the apiary is located in an open area, twigs of different lengths can be arranged between the hives. Make sure that the hives covered with the ventilation grid do not fall under the sun's rays. In order to avoid the gathering of bees, do not open all the branches at once, but do it through one. After a part of the bees fly around, you can open the remaining branches in the hives.

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