How to treat dry hair

You will need
  • - soda;
  • - moisturizing shampoos;
  • - comb with rare teeth;
  • - yolks;
  • - Cognac (1 tbsp);
  • - burdock oil (1 tbsp);
  • - Vitamin A (4 capsules);
  • - honey (1 tbsp);
  • - bread crust;
  • - Apple vinegar;
  • - dry grass dandelion;
  • - pharmacy chamomile.
Pay attention to what you eat. Your menu should have enough vegetables (cabbage, carrots) and fruits (persimmon, oranges), dairy products, fish dishes. Especially good are cod liver and sea fatty fish.
Washhairsoft warm water. If the water is too hard, boil it or add a little baking soda. The use of hot water will increase sebum secretion and further dryhair.
Use shampoos with a moisturizing effect. If you are not going to rinse the head with decoction, then apply it onhairbalm. It will hold hair scales together and prevent fragility.
Get wethairafter washing with a towel, do not rub them, so as not to injure.
Comb wethaironly with a strong need, if they are confused with you. Then take a comb with rare teeth.
Dryhairin the natural environment. Try to reduce the hair stay in the hot air from the hair dryer. Do not use it unnecessarily.
Prepare masks for dry hair according to one of the recipes. Make masks before washing your hair. Coverhairp / e film, and then wrap a warm scarf or towel. Keep the mask on the hair for at least 30 minutes, rinse with shampoo and warm water.
The first recipe. Carefully separate the yolk from the protein. Clean the protein in the fridge, you do not need it - protein flakes are difficult to remove from the hair. Heat the honey slightly and mix with the yolk. Add a spoonful of good brandy. Stir the mass and apply it on the scalp, and smear the rest on the hair.
The second recipe. Burdock oil pour into the cup. Pierce the gelatin capsules with vitamin A with a needle and squeeze them into oil. Add the yolk to the mixture and stir until smooth. Rub the mixture into the scalp.
The third recipe. Soak the crust of black rye bread in warm water. When soaked, stir them to a slurry, apply onhair.
Rinsehairafter washing. In a dipper with warm water, add a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. You can pre-brew herbal infusion of dandelion and chamomile. Rinsehairwarm infusion.

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