How to treat nosebleeds

You will need
  • - vinegar;
  • - Vaseline;
  • - ice;
  • - bow;
  • - aloe;
  • - nettle.
Take the correct position. Sit up straight, head forward. Do not throw back your head, as this may lead to the ingress of blood into the respiratory tract, swallowing it.
To ensure air flow, open your shirt and loosen the collar, open the window.
Try to stopbleeding. Take a piece of ice or a bag of frozen food, attach it to the nose and nose. Try to squeeze the vessels, pressing your nostril against the nasal septum for a few minutes. Ifbleedingappeared after the injury, then attach to the nose a piece of cloth moistened with cold water.
Make a tamponade of the nasal passage. Twist a dense turunda from a piece of cotton wool and insert into the nostril. You can moisten the rolled piece of gauze with any vasoconstrictor composition and insert it into the nostril as deep as possible. Vaseline-smeared swab is inserted into the nose in the event thatbleedingIt was caused by a cold and the softening of the mucous membranes is required.When there are no drops from a cold in your hand, you can use ordinary vinegar - prepare a weak solution, moisten cotton wool and put a tampon in your nostril. Tamponade with the use of various drugs has a slight cauterizing effect, helps the wound heal.
Use traditional medicine to stop bleeding. Pour a bucket of cold water on your head, which will narrow the vessels. Bleeding will stop. Cut the onion and attach the cut to the back of the neck. If the blood flows from the nose often, you should eat a piece of aloe leaf before eating for two weeks or rinse the nostrils with salt water for 3 minutes. Drink a decoction of nettle leaves for a month - it will help to improve blood clotting.
Increase the strength of blood vessels. If the cause of bleeding is fragility and fragility of blood vessels, then therapy is indicated - the intake of special drugs. If conservative methods do not give a positive result, then you should resort to surgical treatment - the bleeding vessel is thrombated by exposing it to a laser or a high-frequency current.

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