How to treat pets for depriving?

In general, pets that receive the necessary level of care from their owners rarely get sick, especially cats, it is not without reason that there is a saying “heals like a cat”.

But there is one very unpleasant disease, which, unfortunately, affects both cats and dogs, and if something like this happened to your pet, then without your help, it definitely cannot cope.

We are talking about ringworm, this serious disease must be treated, the sooner, the more chances for the speedy recovery of your pet. The whole danger is that it is quickly transmitted to other animals that live in the neighborhood, and even to the person himself.

May be passed on to children

Some 10-15 years ago, the veterinarians did not know how to treat the lichen, the animals in which he was diagnosed were mostly either thrown out or put to sleep (based on current legislation!).

It was believed that it was almost impossible to save an infected pet, but today, to the great relief of pet owners, effective drugs have emerged that can save them from such an illness.What is deprive of cats and dogs? Everyone probably heard more than once about this, but not everyone knows what it looks like and what it is.

This is an infectious disease that can be caused by two different types of fungi: microsporia and trichophytosis. Despite the fact that the method of exposure is different, the result we see on the skin of a sick animal is about the same, why they were all combined under the same name - ringworm.

How to spread and where can I get infected?

The disease is especially dangerous because it spreads very quickly and is extremely infectious to others. Most often, the lichen is picked up by animals at a “tender age”, namely kittens or puppies up to 12 months due to imperfect immunity, elderly animals and individuals with poor health (after some kind of injury).

It is treated they do not like

Microscopic fungi spread by spores, which move easily in the environment, literally settle on everything, and, most unpleasantly, they are very resistant to the external environment and able to maintain viability even for several years!

Your beloved cat can easily pick up the disease after direct contact with a cute cat that was a lichen peddle. The animal is able to become infected and touching objects with which the sick animal once came in contact, for example, to lie in the grass, where a cat or a dog with such a disease rested before.

Spores of such fungi even stick to the sole of outdoor shoes, so they can easily be brought to a pet, which never went outside. In general, adult healthy cats and dogs are less susceptible to deprive, they have special immunity for this.

Interestingly, lichen spores can exist for a long time on the fur of an animal and do not manifest themselves even for long months if the strong immunity of the animal is able to suppress their spread.

Symptoms of the disease

Unfortunately, ringworm is not always possible to determine instantly, firstly, it does not allow a long incubation period (up to 3 months), and, secondly, the first symptoms do not appear clearly, the cat or dog can behave absolutely normally, without any special deviations.

The main symptoms of the disease are small round spots on the skin of the animal, they usually appear on the ears, paws, face or tail.

Without timely treatment, these spots will increase, appear on the sides and deprive the animal of tufts of wool. On bald spots, the affected skin areas are covered with a light touch of scales, slightly oily to the touch.

So it looks like

Depending on how the picture of the disease looks, it can occur in different forms: the easiest is superficial, heavy and dangerous is the deepest form. There is also an atypical form in which sparse hairs can continue to grow on the specks, making it difficult to calculate the presence of the disease.

In general, the animal can behave as usual, sometimes the spots can cause itching, causing the sick pet to begin combing. In longhaired animals, it is more difficult to determine the symptoms, therefore, if any suspicions have appeared, it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor.

How to determine and what to do?

As we have already said, with the slightest visible symptoms it is necessary to consult a specialist, because the herpes - although it is treated, the diagnosis must be accurate and timely.Often, drugs are selected depending on the type of fungus, which can only be determined using laboratory tests. To do this, special scrapings are taken from the skin and coat of the animal, and only after this is prescribed treatment.

Often come from the yard

Usually, antiseptic and antifungal drugs are used to treat a sick pet, and they treat the affected areas. Sometimes antibiotics can be used, as well as special vaccines.

It must be remembered that ringworm is a serious disease that is difficult to treat, which means that before the first positive results can occur, one or even several weeks of stable and systematic treatment can pass.

A sick animal is usually shortly clipped, carefully so as not to cause unnecessary suffering and not to aggravate the disease. The whole course of treatment will be described in detail by your doctor, from ointments it may be thiabendazole or miconazole, if the disease is severe, then it may be additional oral medications, which should also be prescribed by a specialist.

If you do not have access to a veterinarian, you can try to cope with folk remedies.Appear crusts soften and wash with soapy water, and the spots themselves are smeared with brilliant green or iodine, sulfur ointment may also come up. There is another method, for it you will need a newspaper, iodine and vegetable oil.

From paper, you need to get ash: for this we burn it and mix with vegetable oil. First, treat the affected area with iodine, and then prepared with a mash of ash and oil. This procedure must be repeated several times a day for 2-3 weeks.

It is necessary to treat a pet in isolation, preferably in a separate room. During the treatment of wounds, wear gloves and a bathrobe, and wipe your hands after the procedure with disinfectant solutions. The apartment must be regularly treated with disinfectants, and after the animal is completely cured, a general cleaning should be carried out.

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