How to understand that your wife is cheating on you?

Treason is bitter, insulting and painful. Many believe that infidelity is the prerogative of men. But in fact, and wives, too, may well change. And why do they do it? And how to find out that the spouse is wrong?

Some statistics

If you believe the statistics, from 21 to 50% of women at least once cheated on their second half. That is, it turns out that in the best scenario, every fifth representative of the weaker half of humanity had an outside connection.

In addition, it is noted that every year the number of unfaithful wives increases and gradually approaches the number of unfaithful husbands, which, by the way, remains unchanged.

There is one more fact. Thus, about 50% of women who have changed their spouses break off relationships, ruin a marriage and often go to their lovers. And among the representatives of the stronger sex of such "brave souls" only 5%, that is, men are not ready to change their family for a mistress, even if they have feelings for her.

Psychology of women's treason

If for a man, adultery is just satisfaction of physiological needs and minute weakness, then it is much more difficult for a woman to decide on her, since for her sex is closely connected with feelings.In other words, the fair sex absolutely will not change just like that, just because "it happened." For them, betrayal is a well-thought-out decision or even the beginning of a grandiose change.

Reasons for change

Why does a woman cheat on her husband? As noted above, wives never do it for nothing. Looking for reasons, and sometimes very serious and compelling.

So, the main causes of female adultery:

  • Lack of attention from the spouse. Yes, if a woman suffers a lack of attention, which is so important literally for all the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, then she will look for it on the side. And if the one from whom she gets it turns out to be a skillful seducer, then the lady will surely end up in his bed and justify herself that her husband is to blame for this.
  • Long absence of a spouse. Love at a distance is incredibly difficult, so not everyone can stand the test. It would be desirable, that the man was near, supported and, in the end, satisfied completely natural sexual needs. If this is not possible, the spouse can find a replacement for her husband.
  • Revenge. Such a reason may seem banal and stupid, but in fact many women decide on betrayal only because they have experienced betrayal on the part of the spouse.So if a man has changed, it is quite possible that soon he will learn about his wife’s infidelity. And a woman will justify her act with the infidelity of the second half.
  • Dissatisfaction with sexual life is also one of the most common reasons, because if a woman does not get what she wants from her husband, she will try to find it in the bed of another man, that is, a lover. And although men believe that for the fairer sex, sex is not so important, it's absolutely not so. Women also have needs, fantasies and desires that they dream of putting into practice.
  • Love for another man. If the spouse loved someone for a long time, and the feelings were very strong, then they may well flare up again, and with a new force. And in this case, betrayal may well occur, because, as you know, women are closely connected intimate life and feelings.
  • Lack of feelings for the spouse. If a woman is next to him only in order to save her family, she will still want passion, tenderness, bright sensations, emotions, gleam in her eyes, kisses under the moon and other feminine joys. And all this she can begin to look on the side.

How to find out what problems started?

Is there any way to find out or understand that the spouse is incorrect? It is possible, but not always. Some women are so cold-blooded and cunning that they can hide the fact of their infidelity all their life, especially if the treason was single, that is, there was no permanent connection. If the wife has started a new relationship on the side, then it is possible to determine this.

Signs of female treason:

  • The wife became silent and withdrawn. Such changes may indicate that a woman is very sorry for her act, she is tormented by conscience and tormented by feelings. So if she has ceased to be interested in the life of her husband and talk about her, and also avoids frank conversations, then this can speak about her infidelity.
  • Changes in appearance. If the spouse updated the wardrobe, changed the image, enrolled in the gym, bought new cosmetics and, in general, began to actively monitor themselves for no reason, this may be a sign of her infidelity. But still, such changes do not always speak of treason. Probably, the wife simply decided to attract your attention or wanted to change life and make it brighter.
  • The woman has new things.And especially it should be alerted in the event that she used to buy almost nothing to herself. The spouse may say that she has acquired everything herself, but in this case, you can ask to show a check or tell in which particular store the purchases were made. If the answer is not followed, or it will be unintelligible, then she certainly received all the gifts from some man.
  • Changes in intimate life, and the most different. So, the wife can grow cold and stop taking the initiative in bed. But sometimes everything happens exactly the opposite, so that if the devout, on the contrary, suddenly began to diversify the sex life and behave differently or became more sensual and passionate, then all this may be a consequence of connections on the side.
  • Frequent absence for no reason. If a woman often began to linger at work, walk with new friends or acquaintances, or, for example, visit a club, then this can also mean that she spends all this time with her lover. And to make sure of this, you can call the workplace or suddenly go to a meeting or a lesson at the club with your spouse (or it’s better to offer a ride).
  • Restriction of personal space.If the wife suddenly began to close the pages on social networks, changed passwords, stopped allowing her phone or tablet to be taken, and the lists of messages and calls were emptied, then she most likely tears something off carefully.
  • Changes in behavior. So, the spouse could become more cold or, on the contrary, tender, sympathetic and affectionate. In the first case, everything is explained by the lack of interest in the spouse. But external well-being can talk about what a woman is going through, feel guilty and wants in every way to show that she still loves her husband.

How to be?

How to behave if you find out that your wife is cheating? First of all, talk. Tell me that you know everything, and it makes no sense to hide something. Find out what causes infidelity. Ask if the husband loves her lover, if she has previous feelings for you. Ask what a woman plans to do next, what she represents her life.

If the spouse still loves you, repents and wants to save the marriage, then you will have to decide whether you can forgive and forget the betrayal and continue the relationship. If not, then it makes no sense to save the family, still nothing good will come of it.If you are ready to forget everything, then try to start life from scratch, do not remember what happened and take the promise to be faithful with your beloved.

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