How to use a hanger in interior design?

Many people store clothes in a closet, but if guests come to the house, their things are much more logical and convenient to place on a hanger. And in order for such an element of the interior to fit into the design, you need to take a responsible approach to its selection and use. Find out some rules and important nuances.

Do I need a coat rack?

Many use hooks for placing outerwear, and some put it in a closet. The latter option is quite contradictory, because, firstly, this piece of furniture takes up a lot of space, and secondly, put dirty things in it and keep them next to clean, at least unhygienic. As for the hooks, their application is rational with a small area of ​​the room, but such accessories often do not have the strength and durability and quickly break down.

It is worth buying and using a coat hanger for several reasons. First, it will allow you to place things in an orderly manner and optimize their storage: everything you need will be in one place.Secondly, many hangers are compact and do not take up much space, which will save space. Thirdly, a stylish and creative hanger can become an independent component of the design and refresh or transform the interior.

How to choose?

To make the hanger fit into the interior and look harmonious in the design of the apartment, you need to take a responsible approach to its choice. If you want to find a suitable option, during the search, be guided by the following criteria:

  1. Design features. All hangers can be divided into floor and wall. The last option is a panel that is fixed on the wall and has hooks used to place clothes. Such models are convenient, first of all, because they take up little space. The main disadvantage is the need for installation. And if the fixation is incorrect or unreliable, the wall hanger can fall and even cause injury. Floor models are placed on the floor and are divided into two main types. The first is simpler and is a central vertical base or the so-called tripod, on which hooks and other additional details are located.Such a floor hanger should have a wide enough and reliable base, otherwise it will not be stable, which can lead to falls due to the weight of clothes or awkward movements. The second option is the so-called wardrobe models. The object is a rack with a bar to accommodate the "hangers." Such models are convenient, as they allow you to keep things comfortable, avoiding their collapse. In addition, they are suitable not only for outerwear, but also, for example, for suits, blouses, dresses. But the bulky hanger will take a lot of space and will not exactly fit into a small room.
  2. Dimensions. They depend on the area of ​​the room in which you plan to put the item, as well as the number of things that are placed or stored on a hanger.
  3. Capacity - is an indicator characterizing the maximum amount of clothing that can fit on a hanger. And this criterion is determined not only by the dimensions, but also by the number of hooks, as well as their sizes.
  4. Materials Hangers are made of metal, wood and plastic. All these materials have advantages and disadvantages, so when choosing, consider your preferences and interior design.
  5. Additional details.On sale you can find hangers equipped with additional details, such as shelves, individual rods, hooks or compartments. This allows you to store not only clothes, but also accessories: umbrellas, gloves, scarves, bags. Mobility will provide the wheels, and the function of height adjustment will allow you to choose the most comfortable position and make the operation as comfortable as possible.
  6. Design. This criterion is no less important, because the hanger should not just perform its basic functions and be used for its intended purpose, but also fit into the interior and, perhaps, bring a zest to it. The execution of such an object can be practically anything. For example, wall models can have panels of unusual forms and outlines, multi-colored figured hooks and creative decor - all this will fit into modern styles. Laconic and restrained wooden hangers can be attributed to the classical direction. Chrome-plated metal and futuristic outlines are integral features of hi-tech. Luxury wrought iron hanger will fit in the rococo, baroque, English styles. A bright and fashionable plastic model is exactly what pop art will be in the bright direction.In the Scandinavian interior a hanger in the form of horns will take its place, and in eco-style it will take the form of a tree. And if you want something really original, select a model in the form of a figure or a figurine.

Where to put?

If you have already chosen a suitable model, this is only half the battle, because now you have to choose a place to place this item. The first and most obvious option - the location in the hallway. This decision is logical, because it is here that all the tenants of an apartment or house and their guests are stripped.

If the hallway is very small or practically not provided, then it is possible to place a compact and not taking up much space wall hanger in the corridor. This room is considered secondary, so it can be used to store things, and all tenants will have free access to them.

If you plan to organize a full wardrobe, then put a roomy coat rack with the barbell for the "shoulders" in the bedroom, removing it from the bed and marking, for example, in the corner, preferably near the window. But store in this room, outer clothing is not recommended. And if you have a pantry, then you can organize a dressing area here.

It is possible to find a place for a hanger and in the studio apartment. It is best to remove it from the main space and close to the front door. Another option for placement is in the corner, and it's better to choose the most remote, inconspicuous and practically unused.

How to fit into the interior?

If a suitable place is found, consider how you place the hanger. Of course, you can simply put it or fix it on the wall, but in order to organize a mini dressing area, it is advisable to supplement this item with other interior elements:

  • Set next to a comfortable pouf or a small shop, so that residents and guests feel comfortable to take off their shoes and shoes.
  • Nearby you can put a shoe, so that both clothes and shoes are stored in one place.
  • Be sure to hang a large mirror that will provide an opportunity to evaluate your appearance.
  • Place a compact bedside table next to the coat rack to store accessories.

Making your own hands

The original and exclusive clothes hanger can, if desired, be made with your own hands, and without any extra effort and practically from scrap materials.

Interesting ideas:

  1. Take a wide board, paint or paint it, decorate it with carved plywood figures. On this homemade panel, fix the hooks. And if you use different, then the items will look even more original.
  2. Place two wooden ladders at a distance of 90-100 cm from each other and connect with thin bars or beams, which will play the role of a hanger for “hangers”.
  3. The old branchy tree is varnished and fixed on the stump playing the role of the base. Hooks are branches.

Choose a stylish coat hanger and try to fit it into the interior as organically as possible!

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