Hoya: home care

Soil for hoya

The ideal substrate for hoy will be soil in a proportion of 2: 1: 2: 1/2: 1/2 of leafy soil, peat, turfy soil, sand and vermiculite. The soil for growing this plant should pass air well and be sufficiently loose. Hoya can grow in the same pot for a long time. It is necessary to feed the plant 1 time in 2 weeks with mineral fertilizers.

Hoya transplant

It is necessary to replant and trim hoyu 1 time in 2-3 years. Choose two hoyas a little more spacious than the previous one, prepare a soil substrate and place the flower in a pot, at the bottom of which you need to lay out drainage from expanded clay or stones. Also, do not forget to prune your plant, removing long and non-flowering shoots.

Hoji Lighting

This plant needs a bright saturated color for development and flowering, but direct sunlight can cause burns, so place the pots with hoya on the eastern and western windows.

The lack of light can lead to the fact that the flower will stop in its growth and will not bloom. Also hoya does not like drafts. During the period of active flowering the flower pot should not be rearranged, otherwise the buds may fall off.

Watering hoya

In summer and winter periods, watering is different: in the summer, it is necessary to water 1 time in 3 days so that the top layer does not dry out; in winter - 1 time in 10 days, while closely monitor the temperature in the room, which contains hoya, and do not let the soil dry in the pot.

Water for irrigation should be used soft, defended, and you can also add a small amount of citric acid. The flower can be sprayed, also wipe its stem and leaves.

Temperature for hoya

In summer, the ideal temperature will be 23-25 ​​degrees, in winter - 14-16.

Hoya breeding

This flower breeds in two ways: cuttings and seeds.

After hoya ottsvetet, in the pods of plants, find the seeds that need to be collected fresh, and then dried.

Prepare a soil for planting seeds, consisting of sand, leafy ground and a small amount of moss.

Hoya from seeds springs up in a fairly short time, if you maintain a moist microclimate, and the flower is light and warm enough.After your crops gain strength, they can be transplanted into a separate pot.

In order to propagate hoiu by cutting, it is necessary to cut off the shoots containing at least 2 leaves, then root them in water and plant them in the soil of sand and peat in the same proportions.

If the temperature at the content of the cuttings is about 20 degrees, the roots will appear within 10 days. Then the plant can be planted in a separate pot.

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