Ideas for stylish rooms with black chandeliers

In a modern interior, a chandelier imitating gilding can seem old-fashioned and cumbersome. But the same design, made in black, seems like a fresh solution. Black chandelier is suitable for almost any room, the main thing - to choose the desired design.

Classic design

Ornate curved lines, imitation of candlesticks and pendants ... Only instead of crystal and copper is black luxury.

This chandelier perfectly complement the interior in bright colors. You can add some more geometry to the decor.

New reading of the classics allows experiments with forms.

Sometimes just a hint of familiar silhouettes is enough.

Here, a bright chandelier is supported by vases and candlesticks, which are also made of unusual materials.

The black color balances the massive chandelier, hinting at artistic forging.

For the interior, decorated according to the strict rules of the classical style, gold is also acceptable. But to add a bit of modern sound, it is better to leave only a metal part of the lamp.

Lamps in the form of candles for chandeliers of the classical form.

The most advanced technology

Modern artists offer a new interpretation of old ideas.

Incredible chandelier, as if composed of a set of table lamps, more like an art object than a light device.

Chandelier in the style of pop art will be a great addition to a bright room.

Fantastic shapes

Modern materials and technologies are no longer limited to the usual forms. And although this chandelier seems almost impenetrable, it copes with the lighting of the room.

An incredible combination of classic and futurism is a heavy chandelier that seems weightless.

Elegant embodiment of floral motifs.


The standard solution for chandeliers and floor lamps looks in a completely new way in black. Designers have to go to different tricks to overcome the impenetrability of dark lamp shades.

Here the bet is made on the color of the interior and the large size of the lampshades.

The secret of this chandelier is a large number of ceiling lamps. Thanks to them, the light in the room is enough.

Impermeable walls allow you to set the directional lighting in a specific area.

Loft-style lights work great in a pair.Additional lighting is provided by wall sconces of the same design.

Oriental motifs

In the eastern tradition, metal lampshades are often made of dark materials. Designers only added a bit of current trends.

Lamps of an orange shade represent natural fire.

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