In which style to design a small kitchen? Designer Tips

Thirty years ago, apartment owners rarely had a question: “In what style should a small kitchen be decorated?”. There were standard headsets that rarely got into the space allocated to them. Now everything is different: furniture factories are constantly expanding the range of their products, offering custom-made kitchens made in various interior styles and colors. It is easy to enter such furniture both in dimensions of the room, and in interior style. However, it must be remembered that not all directions are suitable for small rooms.

Large, as you know, is seen at a distance ... Therefore, you can immediately delete those styles that require space, high ceilings, stucco and large furnishings. This is Empire, Rococo, Gothic and other palace directions. Some modern styles will also look inappropriate: constructivism, futurism, avant-garde, loft and even minimalism, because their beauty lies in the free play of lines, colors, materials and forms.

Owners of small kitchens need to pay attention to styles that are able to create a feeling of warmth and comfort even on a few square meters. The three leaders here are classic, modern and ethno (Provence, Mediterranean, Mexican, Scandinavian).

Classic and ethnic cuisines look very cozy, but here it is important not to overload the space with furniture and accessories. The smaller the room, the less should be on the headset of decorative elements (chamfers, curlicues, inlays, stucco), love for which these styles are famous. Very often, in such headsets, wall-mounted cabinets are replaced with open shelves. Glass doors, painted light facades, transparent curtains and shiny marbled countertops will help to visually expand the space.

custom-made kitchen in the classic style

The assortment of any furniture factory has furniture in modern style. This is an ideal solution for small-sized kitchens, because the glossy facades, reflective elements and smooth lines of the headset visually expand the space and make the room brighter.To get such an effect, it is better to choose neutral shades (beige, white, cream, silver) for the decoration and furniture, to complement the interior with a glass table, skinals, chrome rails. For a small kitchen, a high-tech style suite is also suitable, just don’t choose acidic and dark shades for facades.

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