Interior Cleaner

Interior Cleaning Device
A budget converter or foam generator that I made from a garden sprayer with simple modifications. Now I have a small-sized foam sprayer, with which you can quickly and easily read the cabin. The thing is very convenient not only for a car but also for cleaning carpets, sofas and other surfaces. In order to make such an installation forming a thick foam, I needed:
  • garden sprayer - you can buy in the store for gardeners;
  • medical syringe - in the pharmacy;
  • metal dish nets - in the store with household chemicals;
  • two-layer sponge for washing dishes - ibid.
Interior cleaner
Take the syringe, cut off a small piece of dishwashers and put it into the syringe. Next, cut off the rough part of the sponge for washing dishes and fill it leaving voids in the syringe as in the photo. Then unscrew the nozzle of the sprayer and put on it the resulting foam generator fromsyringe.
Interior cleaning device
That's not all. It is necessary to modify the sprayer itself a little. Inside it there is a plastic tube for sucking in liquid from the bottom. In it, you need to make a puncture with a needle for air intake. This puncture is done at the top of the neck.
Interior cleaning device
Now everything is ready. Fill up the system: Pour water, add carpet cleaner or machine wash. We close it. With the built-in pump we pump and create pressure inside the sprayer.

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