Interior design in high-tech style

Hi-tech - one of the most modern styles in the interior. The history of this area began in the revolutionary 60s of the 20th century, when designers, inspired by the constructivism of industrial buildings, created a fashionable and functional style. Rapidly gaining momentum industrialization firmly established in the interiors of residential premises, forming the perfect combination of elegant style and high technology. Even then, the direction of high-tech loved by extraordinary and hardworking individuals who value their own comfort and practicality.

Today, high-tech willingly choose young and goal-oriented people who are versed in modern art and are interested in innovative technologies. This direction embodies trendy style solutions as well as possible, creating a cozy and homely atmosphere. In hi-tech there is a place for shocking: often the interior of this style is decorated with a large number of textured textiles that imitate the skin of reptiles or the skin of wild animals.Bold and bright objects of art, unusual avant-garde paintings, original decor objects, an abundance of metal and glass elements are all part of this stylistic trend.

High-tech design High-tech design is universal. It is equally well suited for a city apartment, and for a country house. Hi-tech is able to visually expand the space of a small room, add light and a certain lightness. The design of the room in this case remains unloaded by all sorts of patterns, ornaments and complex colors. On the contrary, the design in the high-tech style should be as simple as possible: plain walls, furniture of simple geometric shapes, natural materials. The most characteristic colors for high-tech: black, white and gray. You can dilute such a composition with the presence of a small number of bright elements. Such an interior is often “stuffed” with various examples of modern technologies. This may be a stylish high-quality appliances, and multifunctional furniture, and various systems for the home (for example, climate control, lighting control or air conditioning).And in order to maximally stylize the interior, all power cords are hidden behind suspended ceilings, decorative niches and partitions. The direction of high-tech does not accept the use of openwork decorative ornaments, figurines and frames. Their place is occupied by brutal abstraction and bright posters. Textured plaster or brickwork plays the role of wallpaper, and instead of wooden doors you can use aluminum compartment doors. Bulky chandeliers are also not a place in high-tech. Their functions are performed by light and barely noticeable lamps.

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