Is it possible to make a biofireplace with your own hands?

The flame of real live fire is fascinating, it attracts the eye and always evokes a feeling of comfort, peace and tranquility. Of course, we are talking about a protected and safe flame that can be seen in a small home fireplace or stove, a bonfire in nature, or even a lit candle.

It is difficult to imagine human life without fire, but to recreate the atmosphere of warmth and comfort with it in ordinary home conditions is not an easy task. Not everyone can install a real fireplace at home - with smoke and soot, wood and ash, a chimney and all the ensuing difficulties.

But time does not stand still, exactly, as well as progress, today for everyone who dreams of a home fireplace, but does not have the ability to cope with the difficulties of its installation and operation, a wonderful solution has appeared - a bio fireplace!

Of course, you need to make a reservation right away, the pleasure is not cheap, so many people refuse from such an undertaking only when it looms on the horizon.And very vain! After all, as it turned out, an uncomplicated version of the home biofireplace is quite realistic to do with your own hands, while it is enough to acquire the necessary materials and stock up on a small amount of knowledge about this.

What kind of beast is this?

For many, for sure, there will be a discovery of the existence of such an interesting device. What is a biofireplace for an apartment or house? This is an environmentally friendly design, inside which you can dilute a real living flame without any harm to the room: due to the fact that it runs on a special biofuel, which leaves no soot after it and does not emit soot.

To install it, there is no need to construct a chimney, however, due to the presence of open fire, the room must be aired more often, since it burns oxygen.

Depending on the location, biofireplaces are of different types: table, floor and even built into the wall. Desktop designs, often small, make a great variety in the decor of the house and, importantly, give it a special entourage and exclusivity.

Floor biofireplaces, as a rule, are quite massive,often imitate real wood fireplaces, can be equipped with several burners and are often installed in open areas or in a corner of the room.

Recessed are the fundamental structures that are mounted in the wall or in the floor, with their help, you can significantly change and transform the design of the room.

How to make biofireplace?

First you need to deal with the necessary materials: first, it is a glass and glass cutter. Glass can be used as usual, which is used for windows or frames with photos.

You will also need a silicone sealant for attaching glass, a metal box and a metal mesh (suitable for a barbecue grill), a wick-cord, and elements for decorating - pebbles, ceramic logs and so on.

In addition, you can design biofireplace using drywall, everything depends only on your imagination and possibilities.

We should also talk about the capacity for biofuels. In our example, a conventional cylindrical burner will be used, which looks like a small metal can, which is installed at the bottom of a metal box.The disadvantage of conventional burners is that it is not equipped with protective devices, as a result the flame remains open.

In addition, it does not provide for the ability to control the force of the flame and its damping on demand - it is necessary to wait until the biofuel is completely burned out. On the other hand, it is cheap and realistic to do it yourself, which is why these burners are used most often.

Another option is a fuel tank. It has many advantages over conventional burners. First, they are airtight, which means that the probability of dust particles or other foreign elements getting into the fuel is excluded.

In addition, it is equipped with special dampers that neutralize all unpleasant odors as a result of fuel combustion, it is possible to control the force of the flame, and in order to extinguish it, simply turn the flap.

But without minuses, of course, it did not happen: such fuel tanks can not be made by hand, they need to be purchased in stores, which is very expensive. However, the choice is yours!

Instruction for manufacturing

  • Make all the necessary calculations, do not forget that the distance from the burner with fuel to the glass screen must be at least 15 cm.
  • We are preparing the fuel block: you can use a regular metal box, do not forget what it is, the more, the more preferable it is, because the flame will be located farther from the glass. We give it a pleasant look - you can paint or glue decorative tiles on the outside, it is forbidden to paint the inside, because when it is very hot it emits harmful substances and can even catch fire.
  • We make a glass screen: 4 glass, in accordance with the size of the box we join in the form of the box, glue them with sealants. So that they are well entrenched, we support from all sides and let them dry for 24 hours.
  • Install the screen on the fuel unit, inside - biofuel in a metal can.
  • By the size of the box we cut the grid, cover it with a metal box in 2 layers, for reliability it can be attached with wire.
  • Laying pebbles on top of the grid - this is also a decoration option, and the ability to distribute heat from the burner evenly across the grid and protective screen.
  • That's all! We ignite the fuel with a torch or a special lighter.
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