The invention of the telephone and the internet has blurred the boundaries between people. Knowing foreign languages, you can make friends at the end of the world. Some manage to spin the novel and even. But such cases are few. What can I say, if even during the separation of two loving people there are cracks in the relationship.

Is there love, which is not afraid of thousands of kilometers and language barriers, or happy families, where spouses share the distance - exceptions to the rule. The answer to this question is individual.

Is love possible at a distance

Couples who overcame the separation, clearly answer that yes. They could not give melancholy and jealousy to ruin the built relationship. And they managed to do it only because love is above other values. If you are sure that the partner has the same opinion, then you can be calm about the relationship.


To force loving people to leave, they can: business trip, illness of a loved one, family reasons, study and other troubles. But it also happens that love is tied up on the world wide web.But the statistics are disappointing. Only 2 out of 10 couples manage to survive parting for a long time. Therefore, one cannot speak unequivocally about whether love is possible at a distance.

Positive points

If you have to part with your loved one and it can not be avoided, then think about what the situation will bring. If you think that nothing, then you are greatly mistaken. When two people do not see each other for a long time, feelings increase at times and love experiences a second birth.

Love at a distance will be a real test of the authenticity of feelings.

What are the positive moments of love at a distance:

  1. This is a great way to refresh your senses. The constant presence of a number makes the life of even a very loving couple into a routine. Therefore, shaking is useful to any relationship from time to time.
  2. Parting will help enjoy the solitude, which is sometimes lacking. Even very loving, sometimes you want to retire and think about the intimate.
  3. Each meeting for you will be the first. Remember how you were going to the first date, picked up the outfit, blush, were afraid not to like it. Now it was possible to repeat these wonderful moments.
  4. You wanted romance, get it.Love at a distance is beautiful in that you can send love sms to each other, flirt, and make surprise gifts by mail. These charms of the relationship were forgotten thanks to the routine and life.
  5. Distance makes you appreciate a person. The brain is designed so that over time, the bad is forgotten, there are only good memories. Disadvantages that annoyed you in the chosen one or chosen one, will sink into oblivion.

The difficulty that arises on the way is a test, overcoming which we will receive the long-awaited reward. In love - this is a strong and long relationship, which is not afraid of any adversity.

Negative points

Why the majority of couples make a decision about parting when they do not withstand separation. Every situation has positive and negative sides. To the latter, many are not ready. But if you take them into account, there is a high probability of maintaining relationships.

Is love possible at a distance

Negative moments to face:

  1. The first thing your loved ones think: "what about sex." After all, you can talk on the phone. But bodily touch will not replace any technique.
  2. There is a chance that your soulmate and you will enjoy freedom.Left alone, you suddenly realize that a heavy burden has been falling from your shoulders.
  3. When parting lasts a long time, then you gradually get used to being alone, and you cease to embarrass it.
  4. Being far away, a loved one can not support in a difficult moment. Subconsciously, you will reproach for this, although with a mind to understand that he is not at fault.
  5. Being separated for a long time, we see only good things in a loved one. This can play a cruel joke and bring disappointment at the meeting.

Save love can people who know the price of real feelings, won it with difficulty, gave the relationship years of life.

These conclusions are disappointing, because you do not want to ruin the relationship built with love and care because of coincidence.

How to keep love in the distance

If you do not want to be in 80% of surveyed statistics, then listen to the advice of family psychologists. Who else but they will help to see the situation from the outside and give instructions.

Is love possible at a distance

Tips for keeping love at a distance:

  1. Communicate over the phone as if you are near. Calling, do not pay a lot of words to how much you miss.Share interesting observations of the day, impressions from watching the film, greetings from friends. Maintain common interests that bind you.
  2. Do not be jealous. Couples break up, because they no longer trust each other. Although there are no reasons for this.
  3. Master the sex on the phone or on the Internet. So you save love and open yourself in a new perspective.
  4. Dream together about the future. The distance can not prevent to build joint plans.
  5. Meet at the first opportunity. Holidays or weekends spend together. It doesn't matter if you go on excursions or lie on a sofa.

In love, the main thing is not distance, but the desire to preserve feelings and warmth between each other. Never forget this, and your relationship will become a true love story, which you will gladly tell your children and grandchildren.

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