Is it true that sex is good for health?

Sex helps keep fit

In practice, it's like the same cardioads in the gym, but only with less intensity: on average for one "approach" you burn 200 calories in bed, and if you resort to sexual exercises 4-5 times a day, the result will already reach 1 000 calories, and on Sunday evening you can celebrate it with an impressive slice of cake.

Sex relieves headache

In fact, sexual activity is a natural analgesic: during sex, the body produces the hormone oxytocin, which increases the level of endorphins and works like the same pill from the headache that you take to relax and fall asleep. And if the search for a good sexual partner can sometimes cause a headache, then quality sex promises you to cure all the headaches (and not just the headaches - read below) the following.

Is it true that sex is good for health?

Sex helps fight depression

How, in principle, can be depressed, if you have "at hand" great sex? Scientists confirm this idea by the facts: people with regular sexual activity are more relaxed,less prone to tantrums and both physically and morally more satisfied with their lives. And for that, it is worth thanking serotonin, which just controls mood changes and emotional balance in our body.

Sex makes you younger

Don't laugh, but this is our favorite item, and with it everything is absolutely perfect. First, in Scotland, a study was conducted, according to which regular sex helps to look younger and, among other things, lead a younger lifestyle (although there is still not completely clear where the reason is and where the effect is). Secondly, sex, or rather, an orgasm, at a chemical level, can slow down the aging process, again due to hormones that enhance our immune defense.

Sex reduces menstrual cramps

Sex during menstruation is a topic for debate and discussion, whereas sex before menstruation is something that would be worth making a useful habit, since you know that it acts as an analgesic, including in the fight against menstrual pain.

Sex strengthens muscles and bones

And the point here is not how much your chosen position will be like pushups, but again in hormones.They contain testosterone, the level of which with age always begins to decrease, making the muscles and bones more vulnerable. That is why sex after 40 - This is not just a way to spend Friday night, but the real medicine.

Is it true that sex is good for health?

Sex fights insomnia

There are several studies confirming that regular sex before bedtime helped respondents to overcome insomnia and refuse to take medication for "fast sleep." True, doctors, in their standard style, are advised to achieve even more effective effect to also give up alcohol, coffee and television before going to bed, replacing this “holy trinity” with sex.

Sex prevents heart disease

And considering that it is the problems with the heart that are the main cause of death, in fact, pleasure directly leads us to longevity. If to be completely accurate and to consult with scientists, having sex twice a week reduces the risk of heart disease by half, both in women and men.

Is it true that sex is good for health?

Sex protects against flu

And this is actually a wildly up-to-date winter life hack for those who do not want to lie in bed with a thermometer under their arm: having sex twice a week contributes to the development of antibodies that help us fight infections, including the flu.

Sex and kisses prevent tooth decay.

Attention, all lovers of sweet! Not so much sex as the caress and kisses preceding it, it turns out, also in the best way affect the state of our teeth. Actively produced saliva reduces the amount of acids in the mouth that lead to the formation of tartar and caries. So kiss (and not only) on health!

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